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When: Feb. 25-26, 8 p.m. 2011

Why should we be dubious about a new Irish play written entirely in rhyming blank verse? The gig worked out all right for an earlier writer from the same part of the world. Dude by the name of Shakespeare.

If you have any lingering doubts about the Abbey Theater's touring production of Terminus, consider two things. First, the adrenalin-enhanced, buzzy Dublin street jazz in playwright Mark O'Rowe's edgy drama Howie the Rookie earned the Delta Boys five stars when that show bowed at Burning Coal Theatre in 2008; so, yes, he can be trusted with a rhyme. Second, O'Rowe directed this production, and the reviews from the road have been good. The playwright weaves the strands of three dramatic monologues into a taut, suspenseful cord as three souls in jeopardy tell us all about the night they met for a high-stakes version of "Ring Around the Roses" atop a construction crane in downtown Dublin. One's a serial killer. One's suicidal. And the third has blown something big a bit too close to home. Ashes, ashes, all fall ... Shows are at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. —Byron Woods

Price: $26-34

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