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Teacher terror


Dear Osama Bob-Hellwig:

By virtue of your profession, you are now linked to the notorious terrorist group, the National Education Association (often transliterated from the Arabic as: Al-nation Ion-educat Ion-associe (with a long "ee" accent on the final syllable). Without question this is a bona fide terrorist organization which seeks--through its efforts to provide quality education--to create a class of thoughtful young citizens with the potential ability to see through mendacity, bold-faced lies and the routine employment of glasses which are simultaneously rose-colored (when viewing tax policy and employment news) and dark-as-night (when viewing the need for constant and whipped-up-when-needed vigilance and suspicion in the face of threats to the homeland). Should this organization succeed, this indeed would pose a threat to this Administration. So there.

And don't think your pal Darwin isn't going to get his comeuppance pretty soon.


Rod ("Spare the Rod and Leave the Child Behind") Rage

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