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Take a ride with Purple53


In "Vanlife" (Casa, March 12), writer Douglas Vuncannon doubts that Angel Hess of Purple53 is indeed "attempting something completely new." Vuncannon finds the project unexciting and sort of commonplace among photographers.

At some point in Hess' project, my mind may have been as narrow as Vuncannon's, but I would like to share the truth with you.

Where Vuncannon sees himself having to live in a van and relates to hundreds of others, Hess had a vision of Purple53 as a home. Few people today have dreams that become reality, and many people relate to Hess, wishing they could do what he has. It's good to have a dream.

Hess' project is more than "Vanlife"; it is a promotion of teamwork. Look at the number of company sponsors that have given materials in support of the project. Sponsors and the media certainly see the uniqueness of Purple53, documented by newspapers, radio, TV and many intelligent and excited media people. It's good to be part of a team.

Another unique character of Purple53 has been the creative thinking of many artists, sponsors and supporters. When Hess travels, he helps others and in return when he has a concern, solutions come from all over the country. It's good to give and receive.

Over the past three years, I went from skeptical to a true believer in Purple53. What this world needs is more dreams, more teamwork and more creative thinking. And less ... well, you know.

Larry Hess
Surprise, Ariz.

The writer is the father of Angel Hess.

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