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Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks


Susan Tedeschi
  • Susan Tedeschi

It's not going to happen. I've been trying for four days to get a few phone minutes with Susan Tedeschi as she and her band embark on a co-headlining tour with her husband, Allman Brothers member Derek Trucks, and his own blues-rocking Derek Trucks Band. Tedeschi is understandably busy with the traveling, the musician clinics and everything else that goes into a big-time tour, not to mention the only part I can understand from experience--her two young children. She laughed when a Chicago Sun-Times writer asked if it was hard to tour with kids: "It's hard to do anything," she said.

You have kids, and you have little free time. It's an accepted equation. Factor two bands, radio station visits, and 500 or so miles a day into that equation. Then, whatever time Tedeschi might have for herself is requested by writers from alt-weeklies, who probably have the same two queries: What is it like to tour with your husband ("Great," she might say, "because usually he's heading one way on the road and I'm heading the other.") and your kids? (See above.) Then we'll ask about her latest record, last year's superb Hope and Desire, on which the blues songstress became an unapologetic, soulful interpreter of songs by Dylan, Aretha, Otis and the Stones. You'd sing the blues, too.

The Susan Tedeschi Band and the Derek Trucks Band will be at the Meymandi Concert Hall on Thursday, Nov. 2. The music starts at 8 p.m., and tickets are $24-$49.

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