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When: Sept. 15-Aug. 18 2018

We've long since lost sight of the seams, once considered inviolable, between nature, technology, and commerce—though we sometimes imagine we are crossing a boundary when we take thousand-dollar bikes into deceptively wild woods, guided by our smartphones and clad in moisture wicking socks. The SuperNatural wades into this liminal zone, exploring how we see and shape the contours of our planet as the physical refuse of the industrial age shades into the digital refuse of the present. The show includes a generative digital video by Tabor Robak, a virtual reality installation by Jakob Kudsk Steensen, and photos by Lars Jan, among many others. Brooklyn artist Chris Doyle, who joins curator Alice Gray Stites for a discussion at this opening reception, created "Dreams of Infinite Luster," a site-specific digital animation, for the museum-hotel's exterior vitrines. In it, "All the elements are rendered in gold, the color of lucre—the product, engine, and goal of capitalism." Is a luxury hotel an odd site for post-capitalist critique? Sure. But, as we've said, what seams? —Brian Howe

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