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Feb. 19



A map of the world

Jones auditorium--David Hare's A Map of the World, as directed by Roger Smart and presented by Burning Coal, plays on the troubles of Victor Mehta, a Indian novelist who inspires near-chaos when he's invited to speak at a 1977 conference on world hunger. A young Hollywood beauty and a young British journalist emerge to influence his decision to speak or not to speak--and the drama that leads to that end. The play runs through
Feb. 26; today at 2 p.m. at St. Augustine's College.


THE POUR HOUSE--Hailing from just this side of the Canadian border in northern New York, Eric and Leigh Gibson make bluegrass music that sports the kind of brotherly harmonies that would make your Louvins, Stanleys and Everlys proud. Their original songs impress, but it's as arrangers and intrepreters that they soar the highest, having recorded winning versions of the Band's "Ophelia" and Tom T. Hall's "Don't Forget the Coffee, Billy Joe." Raleigh bluegrassers the Cadillac Stepbacks open. Tickets are $10-12, with the start time a Sunday-friendly 6 p.m. --Rick Cornell

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