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Sunday, September 16

  • Yarn

SADLACK'S—Roots music from the shadows of skyscrapers, Brooklyn six-piece Yarn may call the Big Apple home but they nestle their sound in Nashville sunsets. Moving between scruffy and a twitter of bluegrass, lead singer Blake Christiana mines his heavy Americana sound from lyrics shaped by the genteel sincerity of Gram Parsons. His band follows suite, pairing Christiana's lo-fi hooks with articulate string accents. Catch them at Sad's tonight for free at 6 p.m. or preview them at Slim's on the 15th at 10 p.m. with The Vints. —Kathy Justice

QUAIL RIDGE BOOKS & MUSIC—Local crime reporter Amanda Lamb will discuss her book Smotherhood: Wickedly Funny Confessions from the Early Years. The WRAL reporter tells of her experiences that add color to the unruly world of parenting. The event begins at 3 p.m. Call 828-1588 or visit for more info. —Ashley Roberts

ST. MARY'S SCHOOL—To be or not to be with Burning Coal Theatre Company? This troupe performs in multiple venues while raising funds to turn Murphey School Auditorium into a permanent home. This show runs at Pittman Auditorium at St. Mary's School. Tickets are $18 for the 7:30 p.m. show. See for more info. —Karlie Justus

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