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Sunday, May 7


Chapel Hill

The Kingsbury Manx

Rosemary Street Parking Deck--When Carrboro Day ends, head east to Chapel Hill: At 7 p.m., the James C. Wallace Parking Deck Plaza (the one behind the post office and across from Hell) on Rosemary Street becomes the home of a new concert series organized by The Kingsbury Manx's Clarque Blomquist. The show opens with New York's Leels, whose latest, Fingerscrossed, is a risk-taking exploration of how many twists and turns can be drawn elegantly into the S-curve of a love song's melody. It moves with both grace and vigor, a dream inhabited by electrified serial guitars, wild flutes, a stoned Brian Wilson and a smiling Stephen Malkmus. The Kingsbury Manx, simultaneously a perfect summer day and a gorgeous fall evening, headline, followed by a recap of last year's Hi Mom! Film Festival. It's all free. --Grayson Currin


Malcolm Holcombe

The Pour House--On his brand new Not Forgotten, Asheville-based Malcolm Holcombe indulges in a few musical frills, which in his rough-hewn world means shadings of dobro and lap steel. But his voice, which couldn't conceal its raw emotion on a bet, and percussive picking are still the stars of that world, driving a mix of blues, country, folk and Smoky Mountain soul that surrounds you and stays on your skin like wood smoke. As always, Holcombe leaves the term "singer-songwriter" woefully wanting. The show starts at 7 p.m. (god bless the Sunday Roots Series), and tickets are $10. --Rick Cornell

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