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Sunday, March 25

Wynton Marsalis - PHOTO BY KEITH MAJOR
  • Photo by Keith Major
  • Wynton Marsalis

UNC-CH CAMPUS—Outside of his established career as a trumpet player, Wynton Marsalis' most endearing contribution to jazz is his devotion to bedrock traditions. He leads by example, helming a cadre of musicians. Marsalis' residency at Lincoln Center allows him a platform and voice for preservation that's hard to come by in music. Indeed, his world is straight, no chaser (or fusion), with fine essences like King Oliver's proud march boiling up. Appropriate, as Marsalis' devotion to his hometown of New Orleans is another of his lasting touchstones. At press time, the 7:30 p.m. Memorial Hall concert was sold out, so come early and bring cash. —Chris Toenes

UNC-CH CAMPUS—Charanga Carolina is a blend of charanga-style violins and flute with salsa's horns, piano and Latin percussion. Their shows include forays into salsa dura, son montuno, danzon and mambo. Today, Charanga Carolina will perform on a double bill with Gamelan Nyai Saraswati, the UNC-based central Javanese gamelan performing group. The free show begins at 5 p.m. in Hill Hall Auditorium on the UNC campus. For more information, visit —David Fellerath

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