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Sunday, July 23


Chapel Hill

The Straley Series

Chapel Hill Kehillah--Local activist Joe Straley died last September, leaving behind a legacy of civil rights and wartime protest and humanitarian aid in Central America. He helped found The Community Church of Chapel Hill, which has continued to carry the torch of his quests against injustice. In his honor, they present The Straley Series, a set of four lectures from local community leaders with the theme "Advocacy for a Healthier World." UNC associate professor Trude Bennett speaks at this third lecture, discussing the United Nations Millenium Development Goals. Construction has moved the series, which starts at 8:30 a.m., to the Chapel Hill Kehillah.


Local 506--Anyone itching to bring the term "acid rock" back into heavy rotation ought to look no further than Portland's Danava. The hirsute four-piece deal in a craggy brand of hard-psych (and sassy riff rock) not dissimilar to the spacey sounds of the late '60s. You could call it "glam-prog," with lead singer Dusty Sparkles' Bowie- or Cooper-like posing. You could even call it "art-metal," with Sparkles' adventurous Hawkwind or Diamond influence. Either way, Danava melts faces and blows minds in equal measure. Get down at 10 p.m. for $6. --Robbie Mackey

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