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Sunday, July 15


QUAIL RIDGE BOOKS & MUSIC—Forget about a glass ceiling: The women in author Kirsten Holmstedt's Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq deal with a sandier, camouflaged version as they fight for more than just their country. The UNC-Wilmington alumna, whose book follows 12 of the 155,000 women serving in Iraq, will be at Quail Ridge Books at 3 p.m. with Marine Gunnery Sgt. Rosie Noel for a short film, discussion and signing. Visit to learn more. Holmstedt also reads at The Regulator July 14 at 3 p.m. —Karlie Justus

Chapel Hill
THE CAVE—Three upstarts worth keeping an ear on and hearing now, not later: Shazy Hade's organ-fueled garage-rock shimmy stumbles and staggers with a joyous disregard for where it lands, while Nostra Nova's freaky psych-folk has certain Devendra moments ("The Butler and the Maids") when not shambling with a catchy indie pop shuffle. Latvian-born Leonid Maymind grew up in New Orleans, but his garage-psych act Spanish Prisoners blends its late-night textures with irregular sounds and a touch of angularity. Big bill at 9 p.m. —Chris Parker

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