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Sunday 8.31

Rebel Son
  • Rebel Son

Rachel Riot's Birthday Party: Rebel Son, The Tremors, more
Lincoln Theatre—Rachel Riot is a blond, tattooed pin-up model from Raleigh turning 25 tonight. Considering her favorite bands include Johnny Cash, Elastica, The Killers and Bright Eyes, her birthday gathers an unlikely but intriguing lot of bands: Rebel Son is a shit-talking, big-mouthed band who built their brand on sex talk and Confederate apparel. The Cary trio claims two New Jersey members. Greensboro's The Tremors are a punkabilly outfit slapping bass and scooting drums for songs about zombies and an irradiated Jesus. Johnny Tremors' thin, reedy howl supplies a perfect case of jumpy nerves. San Francisco's Th' Moonlight Sexy makes clattering anthems, like Annuals sans electronics. Pay $10-$12 at 8 p.m. —Grayson Currin

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