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Sunday 4.05


Between the Buried and Me
Lincoln Theatre—Of the many acts trying to escape the metalcore ghetto, BTBAM is one of the more intriguing. While singer/ keyboardist Tommy Rogers mostly affects death metal's Cookie Monster growl, the music's not nearly so monochromatic. Breakdowns billow into prog-majesties of racing, intertwining arpeggios. Melody blooms in slower moments, and even approaches '70s soft rock on tracks like the 11-minute epic, "Sun of Nothing," from the band's last studio release, 2007's Colors. The Raleigh quintet has tamed its schizophrenic style to the point where it actually coheres. Perhaps tonight will afford a chance to hear if the band's sixth album, due later this year, continues the progress. The 6 p.m. show begins with He is Legend, Telescreens and Eyris. Pay $12-$15. —Chris Parker

Vita & Virginia
Nasher Museum of Art—Did Virginia Woolf blithely mistreat her longtime servants? What was the nature of her affair with Vita Sackville-West, a fellow married woman? And why, some 80 years later, do we want to pry into her intimate relations? Because this emotionally fragile neurasthenic wrote some of the most beautiful lines in the English language, and because she and her Bloomsbury coterie challenged convention in their lives as well as their art. Vita & Virginia is drawn from the letters and diaries of the two women, and is alighting in Durham after its successful off-Broadway run in 2008. The 2 p.m. show is free; however, reservations are required and can be made online at —Marc Maximov

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