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Sunday 3.22

Human Highway
  • Human Highway

Chapel Hill
Human Highway
Local 506—Human Highway is Nick Thorburn (nee Diamonds), frontman of The Unicorns and Islands, and Jim Guthrie (yes, Woody's grandson), who's long been the guitarist for the latter. On last year's mostly acoustic Moody Motorcycle, the pair made innocent, harmony-filled pop. Trouble is, the breezy spirit isn't all that's lightweight: Banal lyrics fail to survive on lackluster hooks—pop in intentions only. The rest of the bill may do you better: Fellow Canadians The Magic rely on quirky vocals and melody rather than an orgy of sound, so it's appropriate that "No Sound" highlights the economical synthpop quintet's debut EP. Cotton Jones, side project turned main focus for former Page France frontman Michael Nau and keyboardist Whitney McGraw, nestles the duo's harmonies inside organ ooze. Cough up $8 for the non-smoking 9 p.m. show. —Spencer Griffith

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