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Sunday 3.02


Blue Cheer
Downtown Event Center—If not for its cacophonous take on "Summertime Blues," Blue Cheer might've been relegated to being an overlooked but highly amplified rock trio of the late '60s. But when there wasn't yet a solid definition of heavy metal, Blue Cheer was worshipping the big riff with more gusto than its peers. It tore a hole in guitar rock that's never been patched by using volume, distortion and plenty of bad attitude. That was 40 years ago, and it's had its share of personnel changes. Now back in a solid group again, it's hard not to respect these—original drummer Paul Whaley, bassist Dickie Peterson and longtime axe man Duck MacDonald—wanting to take it back out to the people. With Thunderlip and Rocket Cottage at 10 p.m. —Chris Toenes

Jody McAuliffe
Regulator Bookshop—A cult favorite among American readers and theatergoers, German playwright Heinrich von Kleist is perhaps most famous not for his spectacular beginning, but for his tragic and rather premature end. As an auteur ahead of his time, Kleist equated art with life, but instead of truly living, he plumbed the depths of depression with a sort of restless striving for ideals (death being his final absolute). Jody McAuliffe, a professor of theater at Duke University, brings Kleist's artistic struggle and mental torment to life in her first novel, My Lovely Suicides, a fictional exploration of the age of Romanticism when death was beautiful and obsession was much more than a fragrance. McAuliffe will read from and sign copies of her new book at 3 p.m. —Kathy Justice


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