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Sunday 2.28

North Mississippi Allstars
  • North Mississippi Allstars

North Mississippi Allstars

Cat's Cradle—Luther Dickinson makes his electric guitar lines loud and thick, soaked in Southern humidity. His brother, Cody, fires staccato attacks at the snare, relentless and unrepentant. On bass, Chris Chew hypnotizes with heavy grooves. Together, these North Mississippi Allstars—a name neither humble nor incorrect—churn out extended heavy blues roars that suggest the sun beating down on a hazy summer day. But the group, true to its name, never strays far from in-your-face roots. Tonight's show marks their first national trip since the death of Jim Dickinson—the legendary Southern music producer and personality who not only fathered two-thirds of the band but also seems very much a spiritual and aesthetic patriarch to the music it's made for the last decade. The City Champs open with instrumental Memphis soul. Pay $16-$18 at 9:15 p.m. See —Andrew Ritchey

Ride for Relief

Open Eye Cafe—There are two tribes of serious bicyclists: the recreational rider, who's prone to dropping serious cash on hardware and dressing like a circus performer, and the transportation-minded rider, often found on an old beater, sweating through street clothes with a band on one pant leg. Rarely do the twain meet on the road, but for a good cause the tribes can come together this weekend. This is also a call-out to a third species of cyclist, the seldom-seen "bought it, rode it twice, stashed it in the garage" variety.

The Bicyclists Tricycle Racing Club—sorry, make that The Tricyclists Bicycle Racing Club—is hosting a fundraiser to aid the people of Haiti. Riders of all skill levels and tribal affiliations can take one of two rides: a 24-mile circuit through the Dairyland area or a 50-mile trip to Saxapahaw and back. As the club advises, "Although some riders may ride at a faster pace than others, this is NOT a race." Point well taken. For the casual cyclist, a spin through the countryside is a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. But knowing the mind-set of many a hard-core rider, in which any two bikes sharing the same stretch of roadway is automatically a race, a little friendly rivalry might add some zest.

Bring at least $10 for the Red Cross and meet at the Open Eye starting at 8 a.m.; the rides start at 9. See—Marc Maximov

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