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Sunday 2.01


Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals
Everywhere—The Super Bowl is both pop culture institution and a sports superfan's mecca. Accordingly, the "Big Game," known as much for its commercials and halftime breast-baring as it is for receiver yardage, is that one annual sporting event that those who know and care nothing for sports will watch. If you happen to fall into that category, there's only one thing you need to know: The Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. The Cardinals, in existence for six decades, have never made it to the championship game, marking the perennial underachievers with the second-longest drought in pro sports history (next to the cursed Chicago Cubs). Few sports pundits expected them to make it this year, and the Cards—led by Bowl veteran quarterback Kurt Warner—are expected to lose. For more underdog drama, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is only the third African-American coach to make it to the Super Bowl. Hmm: a wild-card Arizona maverick up against a barrier-breaking Rust Belt contender. Sound familiar?

The game will be broadcast on NBC. Kickoff is allegedly 6:20 p.m., with pre-game coverage to begin approximately 18 hours before. Jennifer Hudson sings the national anthem and Bruce Springsteen surely recoups the money he didn't make at the Obama inauguration by playing at halftime. —Sam Wardle

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