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Sunday 1.31


Shadow: A Groundhog Day Awareness Concert and Benefit

Berkeley Cafe—Anyone who's ever contemplated their shadow or never missed a Bill Murray movie likely knows about Groundhog Day, so raising awareness for the woodchuck-based pseudo-holiday isn't really the goal of this gathering. To raise funds to help Raleigh native Walter Massey reduce a mountain of medical bills, Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass Kickin Team, The Small Ponds (co-led by Caitlin Cary and the Proclivities' Matt Douglas), the recently reunited Countdown Quartet, Kenny Roby & Scott McCall, John Howie Jr. & Billie Feather and Big Machete share the bill. Legend has it that if Roby sees his shadow onstage, he plays six more minutes of encores. The music starts at 4:30 p.m. with a minimum donation of $10 requested. See —Rick Cornell

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