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Sunday 12.28


Divine Performing Arts
Durham Performing Arts Center—The traditional Chinese dance company Divine Performing Arts closes the first month of shows at Durham's new theater. In a year when China's growing role in world affairs has become increasingly apparent, perhaps the greatest sign of this was the massive, breathtaking opening ceremonies for the 2008 summer Olympics, which was an explosion of traditional culture, with such luminaries as filmmaker Zhang Yimou and American Dance Festival fixture Shen Wei directing the spectacle.

Divine Performing Arts' show includes more than a dozen songs, dances and musical scores to highlight China's rich culture and history. Though the organization is just two years old, it's already toured more than 20 countries, performing for 600,000 people. For more information on the 7 p.m. show, visit; for more on the troupe, visit —Zack Smith

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