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Sunday 12.27

Will Scruggs
  • Will Scruggs

Will Scruggs, Russell Lacy Quartet

The Hive at Busy Bee—For both Will Scruggs' Big Band jazz saxophone and Russell Lacy's blues-based guitar constructions, the crucial element is one of tone. Atlanta's Scruggs—a graduate of Raleigh's Enloe High School—uses his instrument to swing between piano, drums and other horns. His tone is bold and warm, variable enough to be expressive but strong enough to lead. He avoids skronky squeaks and squawks and rarely dips into a shallow, reedy whisper, instead focusing his energy on clarity and melody. Similarly, Boston's Lacy aims for lucidity. This trait tends to suit his understated playing, which seems comfortable in the sideman's role, offering firmness and restraint beneath his gentle blues-rock. Expect Scruggs to stand out between the two when the instrumentalists share an evening at The Hive, the upstairs patio/ venue at the Busy Bee Cafe. The show starts at 8 p.m. See —Bryan Reed

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