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Sunday 11.29


Chapel Hill
The Queers, The Leftovers, The Malamondos

Local 506—Joe Queer, a New England lover of pop and punk, might be a case study in Peter Pan syndrome. After all, he's led The Queers since 1982 and gone through sidemen like most people go through toothbrushes. But that's OK. Queer still hands out rubbery, simple hooks like he's an 18-year-old newly excited by the possibilities of three chords and a body full of hormones. "Can't Stay Mad at You," for instance, from 2007's Munki Brain, is a perfectly executed mix of Buddy Holly and The Ramones, doo-wop vocals and love-you-forever lyrics gilded by guitars soaked in distortion. Maine's The Leftovers match The Queers' proto-punk with unmitigated insouciance and structures that twist and slink more than you might expect. The Malamondos roll in from Greensboro to open with the howling Hunny Goodnight leading the excitable quartet with a voice that might remind Joe Queer why he wrote "Punk Rock Girl" in the first place. Pay $10 at 9 p.m., and visit —Grayson Currin

N.C. Poets: A Great Poetry Afternoon

Quail Ridge Books & Music—When the subject of poetry comes up, it's often accompanied by mental images of Keats, Shelley and Wordsworth. But North Carolina has its own rich history of the verse, aided by the establishment of the Black Mountain College in Asheville. Poets Ruth Moose, Tony Reevy and Carolyne Wright continue the venerable tradition tonight as they each read from new works. Moose, an English professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, will read from her new book, The Librarian. Reevy will present works from In Mountain Lion Country, and Wright will read from Majestic Nights: Love Poems of Bengali Women, which she translated after four years of compilation. David Rigsbee will be on hand to moderate the discussion. The verse flows at 3 p.m. Visit —Sarah Ewald

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