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Summery Judgment

Primary endorsements 2004


W hat a terrible time to have to vote--the middle of July, many people on vacation, more still just coming back or getting ready to go. Yet, in the midst of a presidential campaign many are calling the most significant of their lifetime, we should confound the pundits predicting a miserable turnout and show them we care about local leadership, too.

Our endorsements are based on extensive reporting and research. In most races we send questionnaires to the candidates asking for detailed positions on issues they'll face in office. We also conduct supplemental interviews with political activists, neighborhood leaders and observers--as well as the candidates themselves. We try hard to make a choice in every race, but in some, such as the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, we have declined to make endorsements because we don't find any of the candidates to be acceptable or viable (see last week's issue, "Do we want a Senator for Sale?" for insights into U.S. Rep. Richard Burr, the presumptive GOP senatorial nominee). And we have assembled Voting Guides that you can clip out and carry to the polls. Be sure to cut out both the statewide guide and the one for the county where you live.

Indy primary endorsements 2004:

  • Statewide races
  • Wake County races
  • Durham County races
  • Orange and Chatham County races

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