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Summer Guide 2006

A summer family fun guide


Summer's here and the time is right
The best things about family summers: no homework and the nights go on forever. By John Valentine

Lemurs, wolves and bears
Durham's science place has giant bugs and friendly goats—and now, it's got lemurs. By Fiona Morgan

DIY pig
If Carolina Piedmont cuisine is famous for anything, it's for pit barbecue, and specifically for the roasting of whole pigs over charcoal and wood fires. By Barry Varela

Summer camp for b-boys and b-girls
Aerosol art, b-boying, deejaying and the history of hip hop are just some of the subjects kids can study this summer at a multicultural arts program in Chapel Hill. By Sylvia Pfeiffenberger

Indian summer
If the parade of summer blockbusters doesn't get your heart pounding, consider taking the Bollywood route this summer. By Laura Boyes

Outside art
Is it too hot for art in the summertime? When it comes to literature, summer is the time to put away the Toni Morrison and pick up the Terry McMillan, so why should the other arts be any different? By David Fellerath

Benevolent Giants Invade Region; Thousands Applaud
When the heat cranks up, the sightings start. A white, kind-eyed crane with tribal markings—but two stories tall and with a wingspan well over 50 feet. By Byron Woods

Take a rocker home
It's easy to assume having kids is as un-hip as it gets. By Grayson Currin

Illustrations by Keith Norval

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