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Summer Guide 2004

A few thoughts on how to beat the heat this year

  • It's 10:30 in the morning. The mercury is well past 90. The kids are screaming and you need a break.
  • It's 10:30 at night. The mercury is well past 90 and you want to push it higher.
  • You're not at the beach. You're not in the mountains. You're still here in the Triangle and you've just got to do something. Anything. Preferably before you give up and join a cult.

    If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you might want to take a gander at what the Indy's top culture seers foresee for this summer. We won't guarantee unbridled bliss, but you might find something to that will get your mind off reality for a while.

    Oh, and if none of those descriptions fits you this summer? Drop us a line and tell us what you're doing that's so durn cool, anyway.

    Visual Arts by Bronwyn Merritt

    Movies by David Fellerath

    Books by John Valentine

    Dance and Theater by Byron Woods

    Concerts by Grayson Currin

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