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Stupid asses

"Another stupid politician how stupid to think that guns did not exist in 1930's. What about WWI you stupid ass." This ahistorical note, and a bit more of the same from a pseudonymous writer, might have ranked as the low point of the e-mail traffic state Rep. Jennifer Weiss, D-Wake, received in response to her sponsorship of a bill to make adults store their guns safely away from their children. Sadly, it wasn't. That award must go to the unknown citizen who told her--attaching a photograph to underline the point--that the first "Million Mom March" was when the Nazis marched the Jews to concentration camps.

Weiss, who is Jewish, says she wishes these writers would sign their letters with their real names and addresses. Her bill was defeated in the House, prompting groups like the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Sisters to gloat that they had defeated the "Rapists Protection Act," while the Covenant with North Carolina's Children lamented that legislators would "put the protection of guns before the protection of our children."

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