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Steven Walker

N.C. Court of Appeals - Elmore Seat

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Full Legal Name: David Stevenson Walker II

Name as it Appears on the Ballot: Steven Walker

Seat Sought: "Elmore" Seat

Partisan Affiliation: Republican

Date of Birth: 05-22-1980

Home Address: Selma, NC

Mailing Address: PO Box 224, Raleigh, NC 27602

Campaign Web Site:

Occupation & Employer: Sr. Research Assistant, Supreme Court of North Carolina

Bachelor's Degree Year & Institution: 2002, Clemson University

JD Year & School: 2005, Campbell University School of Law

Years lived in North Carolina: 26

Home Phone: 919-665-5011

Work Phone: 919-665-5011


1. What are your top priorities or issues of concern for the coming term?

Correctly interpreting the law as written by the General Assembly and correctly applying the law as written to the facts of the case before me.

2. What qualifies you to serve?

I have spent the last five years in the chambers of Justice Brady on the Supreme Court of North Carolina. One of my duties has been to read the opinions of the Court of Appeals, on an almost daily basis, and make recommendations to Justice Brady on how each case should be handled.

3. How do you define yourself politically? How does that impact your judicial approach?

I am a conservative, and that impacts my judicial approach in that I believe that judges are to interpret the law as intended by the authors. Because I believe in the separation of powers, I believe that there is no room for judicial activism in our courtrooms and that political decisions should be left to the legislative and executive branches of our government.

4. What decisions has the incumbent made that you most disagree with?

There have been numerous decisions in which the United States or North Carolina Constitutions have been clear, yet seemed to play no role in Judge Elmore's decision making process. Moreover, there have been numerous cases in which the evidence has been overwhelming, either for the State or the defendant, and Judge Elmore has creatively interpreted that evidence.

5. What do you feel was the U.S. Supreme Court's most important recent decision? Did you agree with the majority? What is the role of that court in setting precedent for North Carolina's appellate courts?

All of the Supreme Court's decisions are important, and my agreement with the majority is beside the point. The Supreme Court of the United States has the final say on matters of federal law and the federal constitution, and North Carolina's courts are bound by those decisions. However, in cases dealing with state issues that are similar to federal issues, the Supreme Court's decisions are persuasive, but are not binding on our North Carolina appellate courts.

6. Do you feel that North Carolina's current system of judicial elections serves the state well? Are there other forms of selecting judges you feel would function better or worse than the current one?

It is up to the people of the State, through their elected representatives and consistent with the Constitution of North Carolina to determine how judges are placed on the bench.

7. Have you ever pled guilty or no contest to any criminal charge other than a minor traffic offense? Please explain.


8. Identify a principled stand you might be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

I will apply the law as written to the facts of the case without regard as to whether it would be a popular decision or not.

9. Do you favor or oppose applying a plain error review to all alleged errors in capital cases? Do you favor or oppose mandating appellate review in post-conviction capital cases to help avoid arbitrariness in review of post-conviction capital cases by superior court judges? Please explain.

Under our system of law, it is the province of the General Assembly and the Supreme Court of North Carolina to set the rules for appellate review and what cases are appealable as of right. As a Judge of the Court of Appeals, I would follow the laws and rules as articulated by those bodies.


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