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Stay vigilant on two wheels


Before I got my driver's license, my mother gave me a very important piece of advice in regard to right-of-way: It doesn't matter who's right if you're dead. As a biker, I appreciate where Bob Geary and Mr. Bicycle are coming from when they say, "Take the lane," and such (cover story, May 28).

But I also always remember that my mom's advice holds exponentially truer when it comes to biking. I hear a lot of my fellow bikers downplaying the risks. I think that's beyond irresponsible—it's stupid and dangerous.

Even if you're an experienced biker, I don't think you should settle into the thought that the cars blowing by you will ever be your equals on the road. An F-350 with a Bush 2004 sticker on his bumper is not intimidated, much less impressed by any two-wheeled smugness. Heck, a soccer mom who's late for yoga may not hesitate to give you a little nudge when tearing past you.

I was ecstatic to see a cover story about biking. Yes, I think people should bike every chance they get, driving only when absolutely necessary. But I do think the risks should never leave your mind. And no matter how experienced, fast or tough you are—don't forget that what is to them just a nick in their paint job could for you be your ability to walk.

S.G. Woods

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