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Statewide offices

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April 17–May 3:
One-stop registration and voting
May 6, 6:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m.:
Primary voting

State Board of Elections: 919-733-7173 or 866-522-4723,

Click underlined candidate names to read available questionnaires. Questionnaires were not sent to candidates who do not face a challenger in the primary.

D = Democrat
R = Republican
NP = non-partisan
UNA = unaffiliated

Governor (Dem & Rep primaries)

Richard Moore D
Dennis Nielsen D
Bev Perdue D
Bill Graham R
Pat McCrory R
Robert F. (Bob) Orr R
E. Powers R
Fred Smith R

Lieutenant Governor
(Dem & Rep primaries)

Dan Besse D
Walter H. Dalton D
Hampton Dellinger D
Pat Smathers D
Timothy Cook R
Greg Dority R
Robert Pittenger R
Jim Snyder R

Council of State

Attorney General (no primary)

Roy Cooper D
Bob Crumley R

Superintendent of Public Instruction
(Dem & Rep primaries)

June St. Clair Atkinson D
Eddie Davis D
Joe Johnson R
Richard Morgan R
Eric H. Smith R

N.C. Supreme Court (1 seat) (no primary)

Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds, Jr NP
Suzanne Reynolds NP

N.C. Court of Appeals (5 seats/ 2 primaries)

Arrowood Seat (no primary)
John S. Arrowood NP
Robert N. (Bob) Hunter, Jr. NP
Martin Seat
John C Martin NP
McCullough Seat (no primary)
Cheri Beasley NP
Doug McCullough NP
Stephens Seat (no primary)
Dan Barrett NP
Linda Stephens NP
Wynn Seat (primary)
Jewel Ann Farlow NP
Dean R. Poirier NP
James A. (Jim) Wynn NP
Tyson Seat (primary)
Sam J. Ervin IV NP
Janet Pueschel NP
Kristin Ruth NP
John M. Tyson NP

Secretary of State (no primary)

Elaine F. Marshall D
Jack Sawyer R

Ag Commissioner (no primary)

Ronnie Ansley D
Steve Troxler R

Insurance Commissioner (Dem primary)

Wayne Goodwin D
David C. Smith D
John Odom R

Labor Commissioner (Dem primary)

Robin Anderson D
John C. Brooks D
Mary Fant Donnan D
Ty Richardson D
Cherie Berry R

Treasurer (Dem primary)

Janet Cowell D
Michael Weisel D
David Young D
Bill Daughtridge R

Auditor (Dem primary)

Fred Aikens D
Beth A. Wood D
Leslie Merritt R

General Assembly


District 29
Larry D. Hall D
District 30
Paul Luebke D
District 31
H M (Mickey) Michaux D
District 33 (no primary)
Dan Blue D
Paul F. Terrell III R
District 34 (no primary)
Grier Martin D
J.H. Ross R
District 35 (no primary)
Jennifer Weiss D
Eric Weaver R
District 36 (no primary)
Al Swanstrom D
Nelson Dollar R
District 37 (no primary)
Ed Ridpath D
Paul Stam R
District 38
Deborah K. Ross D
District 39
Linda Coleman D
District 40 (Dem primary)
Sam Hart Brewer D
Stanley Morse [withdrew] D
Marilyn Avila R
District 41 (no primary)
Ty Harrell D
Bryan Gossage R
District 50
Bill Faison D
District 54
Joe Hackney D
District 55
W.A. "Winkie" Wilkins D
District 56
Verla C. Insko D


District 14 (Dem primary)
Ann House Akland D
Vernon Malone D
Carol (Bennet) Dalenko R
District 15 (no primary)
Chris Mintz D
Neal Hunt R
District 16 (Dem primary)
Jack Nichols D
Mike Shea D
Josh Stein D
John M. Alexander, Jr. R
District 17
Richard Stevens R
District 18 (no primary)
Bob Atwater D
Roger Gerber R
District 20 (Dem primary)
Ryan O'Neal Echoles [withdrew] D
Floyd B. McKissick Jr. D
Kenneth R. (Ken) Chandler R
District 23 (Dem primary)
Moses Carey, Jr. D
Ellie Kinnaird D
Jon G. (Greg) Bass R


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