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Spider Bags' "Take it Easy" 7"

(Churchkey Records)



Like a work of art painted inside the wheel well of an old Chevy Impala, the Spider Bags' new 7" is likely to be missed, but that doesn't make it any less classic. Covered in grime, laced with echo, it accelerates with rollicking savagery and freewheeling intensity. The A-side, "Take it Easy," is a classic slab of '60s garage-psych that corrals an Eastern-tinged riff, winds it around a whirligig of distortion and straps it across an insistent Merseybeat. It circuits a simple, perfect chorus—"Just isn't right/ So let's take it easy/ Tonight"—and lays a little rubber before detouring through a spooky, psychedelic clearing. On the flip, Spider Bags go for a ballad: "Shaunda (What's My Sign?)" affects a moody amble shrouded in blues-garage smoke and lit by ragged sparks of muffler-dragging guitar. Like a self-destructive relationship, its rumble builds inexorably before withering away into the final moments of self-destruction.

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