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Sounds local: The Indy Guide to Music 2003

All the bands that are fit to play



A Capella

LATEST CD: Gimme Stella, available at Millennium Music and online through Ladyslipper Music
FILE UNDER: Roches, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Persuasions

Stella is an a cappella group with free-ranging musical enthusiasms, including folk/traditional, gospel, rock, doo-wop, Celtic, sea chantey and unusual tunes such as "Emoni Ennen," a traditional Finnish song in the difficult (and dead) Old Karelian dialect. This constellation of seven women has played at house concerts and such venues as the N.C. Museum of Art, Festival for the Eno and the LEAF festival in Black Mountain.

Blues and R&B

LATEST CD: Muzic 2 My Ears, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Maxwell, Bill Withers, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Craig David, Shakira

We're bringing classic vocal emphasis back to the forefront while also exposing all styles of music thru our eclectic songs. Soul, rock, R&B, a cappella--we try to touch on everything we like. We're usually open to all types of events as we have played free open mics, cafes, clubs and outside festivities so far.

Algia Mae Hinton
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Honey Babe available

Algia tours ferociously with Lightnin' Wells and she can make a person tired just watching her dance.

Armand and Bluesology
CONTACT: or 933-5016
LATEST CD: Too Much is Just Enough, fine record stores, and at shows
FILE UNDER: Albert King, Eric Clapton, Will McFarlane

From festivals in Europe and the United States to clubs up and down the East Coast and the Midwest, Armand Lenchek has cut his teeth playing blues and R&B by backing artists like Skeeter Brandon, Walter "Lightnin' Bug" Rhodes, Nappy Brown, Alberta Adams and Bo Diddley. Also note that Armand is frequently joined by some of the best musicians in the area, like former Bonnie Raitt guitarist Will McFarlane and Catbaby keyboardist Tony Bowman.

Beverly "Guitar" Watkins
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Beverly "Guitar" Watkins--Back in Business, available online

Beverly is constantly playing shows and festivals throughout the US and abroad. She also taught a guitar workshop at this year's N.Y. State Budweiser Blues Festival.

Blue T
CONTACT: Fred Westbrook at or 821-4506

We specialize in what we call "blazz," mixing a blues foundation with a somewhat jazzy flavor. Our lead man on piano and vocals has great and varied experience, and we pride ourselves on both our professionalism and certainty that our enjoyment of the music is communicated.

CONTACT: 493-5074
FILE UNDER: Susan Tedeschi, Koko Taylor, Bonnie Raitt

We're an eclectic blues-based band -- from Etta James to Susan Tedeschi, Koko Taylor to Albert King, some Snooks and Lavey, a little swing, a little jazz and a lot of fun. Pulling from a wide range of styles, the Blue Cats have a wide appeal as evidenced by its growing number of fans.

CONTACT:; 918-2043
LATEST CD: Goin' Home, available at shows and online

We do a lot of original material and take old blues standards and obscure songs and put them in a contemporary setting. We play private parties, clubs and a lot of outdoor events for The Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department. It's soulful, energetic, rockin' blues.

Calvin "Skeeter" Brandon
CONTACT: 643-2456

Skeeter was blinded in a car accident when he was four years old. But by the age of six he was learning to play the piano with the best of them. He is in semi-retirement but can't be stopped from playing locally.

Captain Luke
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Outsider Lounge Music with Cool John Ferguson available online

Captain Luke has an incredibly deep baritone voice that has lends itself to gospel and country blues.

Clark Stern
CONTACT: 593-6265
FILE UNDER: James Booker, Pinetop Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis

I'm a goofy and versatile blues piano player. I've been a sideman in a variety of bands. But, sometimes I play solo and trio shows too.

Cool John Ferguson
LATEST CD: Both Cool John Ferguson, Guitar Heaven available online and at shows.
FILE UNDER: Jimi Hendrix

Cool John plays in all different venues. He can always be seen Saturday nights at The All Peoples Grill on Guess Road in Durham but has been known to hit a few stages to back up his friends. He plays private parties.

Cootie Stark
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Raw Sugar available online

Cora Mae Bryant
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Born with the Blues, available at

Cora Mae doesn't write songs, at least that's not how she puts it. Cora says her tongue all ready wrote it, it just lets her know when to speak it.

Doctor Oakroot
LATEST CD: Hapless Fool, available online
FILE UNDER: Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon

It's about the live show. It's about the audience. It's about the sparks igniting as they connect with Oakroot and his rough-edged songs from a dark place in the soul.

Drink Small
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Drink Small -- The Electric Blues Doctor Live! available online at

Drink has earned his living from music his entire life and will continue to do so.

Eddie Tigner
CONTACT: 643.2456
LATEST CD: Eddie Tigner - Route 66, available online

Eddie plays in just about any venue. He is currently on the festival circuit.

George Higgs
LATEST CD: Tarboro Blues, available online

George learned the blues as an oral tradition handed down from previous generations. He's played everywhere from the United States to Europe and from local venues like the Cave to New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

John Dee Holeman
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Piedmont Blues from North Carolina available online

John Dee is an excellent storyteller. He entertains not only with his voice but also with his dance.

Lightnin' Wells
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Ragged but Right, available online

Lightnin' is not only an amazing musician who first started performing in Chapel Hill, but he is a history buff when it comes to the blues of the South.

Little Pink Anderson
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Carolina Bluesman, available at online

Little Pink is following in the family tradition. His father was a talented and well-known bluesman by the name of Pinkney "Pink" Anderson. Little Pink performed at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in 2002.

Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos
CONTACT: 336-421-0024
LATEST CD: Mojo Dream, available online
FILE UNDER: The Red Hot Louisiana band, the Radiators

Mojo Dream was named "zydeco "release of the year 2000 by Real Blues Magazine. And when people leave one of our shows I like them to feel like they've been down in the swamp at a party. We play high energy Louisiana dance hall music. I'm a Cajun chef and also do some cooking for shows when I can. Let the mojo roll.

The Rhonda Robichaux Band
CONTACT: Stephen Hawthorne at or 489-3907
FILE UNDER: Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos, Bluesville, Too Much Fun

We play parties, weddings, clubs and fundraisers. We play blues, rock, R&B and zydeco, all great dance tunes, some fast and hot, others slow and hot.

The Rocket Band
CONTACT: or 732-5769
LATEST CD: Live at The Red Lion, available online and at shows.

The Rocket Band is best known for its rockin' blues live shows. The kind of band that's playing off in the corner somewhere when you ask yourself "what are they doing at this little pool hall?" In fact, The Rocket Band can be seen weekly in some central North Carolina hole in America, amazing anyone who might stumble into a show.

Skeeter Brandon
CONTACT: William Beaty at 460-2877
LATEST CD: It's Good To Go, available online
FILE UNDER: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, Marvin Gaye, James Brown

Skeeter is a blues legend. He is a man of a million songs and will tailor his show to what the situation calls for. Work has been very slow for Skeeter as health issues have prevented him from traveling. He has played some of the most prestigious festivals and clubs in the East as well as several tours of Europe -- in short, Skeeter is a cat that should be famous but hasn't had the luck to push him over the edge.

Stuff in the Pot
CONTACT: Terry Allebaugh at or 680-2583
LATEST CD: Promotional CD available by request

We play festivals (opened Bull Durham Blues Festival 02), weddings (we play a bunch of dance and soul music), clubs and community events.

Triple Fret
LATEST CD: Live at the Cave, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Susan Tedeschi, Robben Ford Trio, David Lindley, North Mississippi All-Stars

Triple Fret is a group of veteran pros who play an eclectic mix of original jazzy folk and blues and rearranged covers. We have a lady singer with a voice that runs the gamut from low and sultry to scorching blues, and a funky deep-in-the-pocket rhythm section, plus slinky electric and steel guitars. We play the usual joints in the Triangle.

Waymon "Buttermilk" Meeks
CONTACT: or 423-5428
LATEST CD: Skeletons in My Closet, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Son House, Louisiana Red, Blind Mississippi Morris

I like to educate my audience on the history and background of the artist and the various styles of blues and the regions they developed in.

When Cousins Marry
FILE UNDER: The Band, Traffic, Commander Cody and Lost Planet Airmen, Green on Red

We have an eclectic song list, including a dozen or so originals. Otis Blackwell, Peewee Crayton, Junior Wells, The Stones, John Prine, Tracy Nelson and more. We play for picnics, parties, special occasions and political events. We're clean-cut, reasonably well-behaved and cheap.

Yellen Horsley
CONTACT: or 821-8486

Primitive blues songs are a staple of all of our set lists; this simple rhythm-heavy style is the key ingredient in almost everything we play. We mix it into our own songs, old-timey tunes and songs by artists like Tom Waits. We have been playing music in this area since the 1980s. Judy was an original member of The Nee Ningy Band. Randy has played with The Woodchucks in Babylon, The Nee Ningy Band and The Big Zukes. Tom and Randy have both spent time playing back-up for local blues personalities like Big Boy Henry.

Alice Tien, Pianist
CONTACT: 806-0987

I specialize in classical piano, and the typical people who hire me are string players who need a pianist to play in recitals or competitions with them. I also play popular tunes (not jazz) in recitals, weddings and parties. I can sight-read almost anything, but don't play well by ear. I know many professional classical string players to organize gigs with.

John's Solo Classical Guitar
CONTACT: 942-4236
LATEST CD: Five-song CD, available by request.

There are few instruments upon which the canon of western classical music can be played by a single musician. As background or dinner music, solo classical guitar lends an air of sophistication to any event. John draws from more than 20 years of playing the guitar to weave together selections from Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy and others into a seamless evening of refined entertainment. "The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself." - Ludwig Van Beethoven

8th day
CONTACT: Bill DeSantis at or 669-2807
LATEST CD: Live recording available.

We play everything from '60s and '70s rock 'n' roll to blues, ballads, jazz and today's current radio play, and we enjoy playing it all. We have strong vocal harmonies with a wide range of diverse music genres. We try to make ourselves available on short notice for private parties.

The Backbeat

We're primarily a Beatles cover band -- not a "tribute" band. We don't each act like a specific Beatle -- we do however cover all periods of the band and try to "sound just like the record" as much as possible. We also play Stones, Monkees, Doors and Byrds -- all songs are in the period 1963 to 1969. We truly love this music and love bringing it to life.

LATEST CD: Demo CD available by request
FILE UNDER: Beatles, CSN, Eagles, Van Morrison, James Taylor

Backfence, founded in 1981, got its name from the Back Fence music hall in Greenwich Village, NCY, where many folk and acoustic rock legends have performed. We originally started out as two guitars with three-part harmony and ultimately added keyboard, bass and drums for expanded capability.

Edsel 500
CONTACT: 967-5784
LATEST CD: Five-song demo CD, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Stray Cats

Edsel 500 invokes the lightning speed and sexy looks of America's favorite car, with songs of cars and girls that are both too hot to handle. Featuring the dynamic FJ Ventre on vocals and acoustic bass, John Currie on electric guitar and Nathan Logan on drums, Edsel 500 proves that rock and roll's earliest incarnation was its most energetic, that the young Elvis ran circles around the old Elvis, and that anything that needs saying has already been put into a song by Johnny Cash. Available for your dancing pleasure at parties and receptions.

The Flabbergasters

The Flabbergasters can throw a great party because we play something for everybody. We perform for clubs, weddings, conventions, charity and civic functions, even NASCAR parties.

Frankie Faucet and the Drips
CONTACT: or 382-3231
LATEST CD: Still Cruisin,' available at shows
FILE UNDER: Bill Haley and the Comets, the Champs, Dion and the Belmonts, Joe Turner & His Blues Kings

Our music sets us apart. It's music from the beginnings of rock 'n' roll and you know it already because you either grew up with it or you've seen Dick Clark selling it on late night infommercials. We play parties, festivals, and oldies-themed cruises. It's fun and not "arty," it's a big ol' party with "Twist" marathons, audience sing-a-longs and lots of rockin' songs.

Fresh Squeeze

High-Energy rock 'n' roll music from the 60s to today. Great vocals, instrumentation and song repetoire. People LOVE to dance to us.

Glen Patrick Doggett
CONTACT: or 696-4643
LATEST CD: Demo CD of sample of cover songs available upon request.
FILE UNDER: Spinal Tap. The guitarist on the stairs in the movie Animal House

Glen plays and sings all-time favorite, feel-good, good-time, fun-for-all acoustic covers in a unique unplugged and au naturel style. From James Taylor folk to Steve Miller Band rock Glen and his guitar is sure to entertain the early dinner crowd or the late-evening bar hoppers. You can always find someone tapping their feet or singing along and enjoying the music.

The Levee - A Musical Salute to Led Zeppelin
CONTACT: 676-1758
FILE UNDER: Led Zeppelin!

The Levee is little-known in the Triangle but very well known among hard-core Led Zeppelin fans all over the world. Almost 50,000 unique visitors from almost 90 countries have visited our Web site. We use one of the world's largest collections of unofficial live Led Zeppelin recordings to create authentic, unique and exciting performances of both the "radio" Zeppelin songs and more obscure "deep cuts."

Los Ramonos
CONTACT: or 362-7097

Los Ramonos pays tribute to the career and songs of The Ramones. High energy and lots of fun for everyone.

The Percolators
FILE UNDER: other good cover bands that work constantly....

We specialize in medleys that can contain almost anything ... requests, snippets of songs you'd never expect to hear together, stuff made up on the spot, pieces of Beatles songs, or even bad jokes about coffee! We've played corporate parties, weddings, clubs and backyard parties ... but we're all keeping our day jobs!

The Ramonas
FILE UNDER: The Ramones

All girl ... strippers, just kidding. Playful and rockin'.

LATEST CD: Demo CD available by request
FILE UNDER: Mothers Finest, The Blues Brothers, War

High-energy vocals with a real "funky rythym section." We play long medley-style sets so the action rarely stops. Our line-up makes for a dancing mix that crosses three generations. We are a great special occasion band.

Rocco's Collar
CONTACT: or P.O. Box 19654 Raleigh, N.C. 27619
LATEST CD: Rupture, available online and at shows.
FILE UNDER: 3 Doors Down, Live, early Pearl Jam, Creed

Rocco's Collar is a high-energy rock 'n' roll band that has been around for more than seven years now, almost six years with the current singer. Rocco's Collar plays small clubs, large venues, special events, etc. both in and out of state. We have a strong loyal following in Raleigh and abroad and have performed with some national acts.

Seattle: Tribute

A tribute to the grunge era bands: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, STP and others. Energetic live performance that takes you back to the early '90s. We have played fraternities, nightclubs, and outdoor events throughout the Southeast.

Sugar Daddy
LATEST CD: Demo CD available online or at shows
FILE UNDER: Fleetwood Mac, Mother's Finest, The Nerds

We are a regional party and dance cover band - "Music for Good Times". We have four vocalists (lead singer is female) and do a wide range of material from '70s funk to classic and modern rock. We tailor our shows around the audience, especially for private parties.

Sugar Daddy Unplugged
FILE UNDER: America, Eagles, CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt

We are an acoustic trio that plays rock, soul and country covers with three part vocal harmony. We play anywhere oxygen, electricity and beer are in adequate supply.

Tain Collins Band
CONTACT: or 932-4648
FILE UNDER: Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Led Zeppelin

Along with writing and performing original rock songs, the Tain Collins Band has been called the "best cover band on the East coast." Their talent and versatility allows them to perform songs the likes of the Doors, Beatles, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Smashing Pumpkins, Otis Redding, Coldplay and Pink Floyd. In other words, it's a unique, versatile and entertaining show. Tain's solo acoustic performances could be put into the same category.

Take 3
CONTACT: 252-937-4535
LATEST CD: Mp3 download of promotional CD available on website
FILE UNDER: Bands from the '50s, '60s and '70s

All of our music is 100 percent dance oriented, and we are entertainers as well as musicians. We have the sound of a five or six piece group with the price of a three piece group! We play at all types of events and venues. All of us have played professionally for more than 35 years! Our lead singer/keyboardist toured with national recording artist Clarence Carter.

The Terry Wiley Band
CONTACT: 593-6265
FILE UNDER: The JBs, Otis Redding, Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts.

We're a powerful and funky party band, specializing in '60s and '70s R&B and Soul tunes. We don't sound like a jukebox, and we are all excellent musicians. Frat parties, bars and clubs all love us.

Twentieth Century Music (TCM)
CONTACT: Jim Laing at or 676-7981
FILE UNDER: Your favorite bands from any decade of the 20th century

TCM, as its name implies, plays popular music from the previous 10 decades. The band specializes in R&B and pop and adds to it its own blend of swing era, beach, folk, country, movie soundtrack, blues, and light jazz tunes. TCM is a highly versatile band, capable of entertaining large crowds at wedding receptions as well as performing background music at smaller gatherings.

CONTACT: 550-4773
LATEST CD: Demo CD only available by request
FILE UNDER: Eagles, John Mellencamp, etc...

Classic rock of the '70s including Eagles, Beatles and John Mellencamp, Bryan Adams, CCR and AC/DC.


Apple Juice Orchestra
CONTACT: or 969-9712
LATEST CD: 7" available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Portishead, Bjork, 4 Hero, Basement Jaxx, Daft punk, Zero 7

We are a live band that plays many different styles in the electronica genre, from drum and bass, house, downtempo, and two-step. Our members have a variety of local musicians including The Apple Juice Kid (Sankofa), Bobby Patterson (Dag), Jana Privett (Not So Dandelions), Blake (DJ at 5 Star and Retail), and Dana Chell (the Mighty Burners).

LATEST CD: Tribe, available at shows

Resident DJ for the monthly FAME - fashion, art and music events. Resident DJ for monthly THERAPY event. Versatile DJ booked to play at art openings, galleries, cafes, clubs, etc.

Small Life Form
CONTACT: P.O. Box 18062, Raleigh, N.C., 27619
FILE UNDER: Gyorgy Ligeti, Cindytalk, Swans

It's drone music inspired by post- World War II classical music and some post-punk using real tape loops. It's about sound more than music in a way. It's not really meant to appeal to everyone.


Jamie Anderson
LATEST CD: Listen, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Shawn Colvin, Meg Christian, Joan Armatrading, Steve Goodman

Playing in a wide variety of venues all over the country -- colleges, coffeehouses, festivals and clubs. One-third of the live show is comedy (funny songs and intros), the rest is folk, pop, blues and country. Variety R Me. I don't do parties or weddings.

Milagro Saints
LATEST CD: Sunday, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Dylan, Van Morrison, the Waterboys

We excel at spontaneous music and generate a lot of energy in our audience. We believe in taking every show to some kind of higher place. We love to play unusual places that aren't always venues, like parks, roofs. art galleries, our house, your backyard, etc.

LATEST CD: Two-song demo available by request
FILE UNDER: Be Good Tanyas, Neutral Milk Hotel, Neko Case, Microphones

Omerta was born out of the quagmires of Italian secrecy.

Razor Wire Safety Net
FILE UNDER: Last Exit, Ground Zero, Fushitsusha, Flying Luttenbachers, Painkiller, Derek and the Ruins, Mississippi Sheiks

We never play together outside of our shows, except in other configurations; everything is totally improvised. Whenever we play a wedding, the groom's nose starts to bleed.

Scott Boggs
FILE UNDER: Bert Jansch, Pierre Bensusan

Scott Boggs is a remarkable fingerstyle guitar player; his renditions of Celtic and original tunes benefit from years studying with legendary guitarist, Duck Baker. While some performances are just solo guitar, elsewhere Scott adds a clear, lyrical voice to originals, traditionals and an eclectic array of cover songs.

The Sun + The Moon
CONTACT: Gabriel Pelli at or 545-9556
LATEST CD: The Sun + The Moon, available by request and at shows
FILE UNDER: The Beatles, Tracy Chapman, Motet, Jo Jo

Our songs are about love, peace, the heavens, our earth, and our shared human condition. We perform with talented musicians such as Kevin Brock (ex-HipBone) and Donovan Zimmerman (Paperhand Puppet Intervention), and we hope to move and inspire.

Susan Kirk Band
LATEST CD: Songs for Sunsets and Ferry Chasing, available online
FILE UNDER: Natalie Merchant

We are a fun live band with catchy melodies and groovy bass lines-- you just might dance!

True Believers
FILE UNDER: Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Lucinda Williams, John Hiatt

The True Believers are Judi Chatowsky and Jim Magaw, a Carrboro-based singer-songwriter duo who perform traditional and original folk, blues and old-time music. We have played at private parties, music festivals and local clubs, including the Six String Cafe, Open Eye Cafe, Pittsboro General Store and other favorite acoustic music venues.


D.S.F. Earth Corps
CONTACT: Michael @
LATEST CD: Sampler Platter, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Santana, George Benson, Bob Marley

D.S.F. Earth Corps is a positive, spiritual, original music experience using many styles, like R&B, Reggae, Rock and Funk to get the groove across. Since 1991 the dudes have been creating, recording and playing live, this unmatched style of music that is refreshingly new, yet comfortably familiar in this region.

Das Molested
LATEST CD: Wir Sind Das Molested available at Bickett Galleyr or shows

Multimedia visual show set to an electronic soundscape. Performances availability limited to art galleries and loft parties.


Essie Mae Brooks
CONTACT: 643-2456
LATEST CD: Rain in Your Life, available online
Essie Mae accels at singing a cappella but is always willing to sing with a backup band. She sings at weddings, parties and funerals.

Hip Hop

Chela No. 1
CONTACT: or 632 8426
LATEST CD: Mixtape available at shows

I DJ clubs, shows, radio and other events. I'm mostly known for my mixing and record selections but I have some scratches too. As a female, DJ'ing was a difficult scene to break into but I've been seeing some returns for my work. If anything, I would like to be a positive example for other women in the game trying to come up. I play out on Sundays at the Edge and Wednesdays at Club 9, both in Durham, and alternating Mondays on 88.7 WXDU from midnight to 3 a.m.

The Illustrated

We're a new band. We make subversive hip-hop, but we don't have subversive attitudes. We're all from Durham, but Pierce lives in Greensboro, Aden lives in Chapel Hill, and Hollin lives in Raleigh.

CONTACT: Joe Murdock at 465-6243
LATEST CD: P. Batters Presents The Ransom Note, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Beanie Segal

I rep the L.O.B. Fam. I hail from East Durham. I was the K97.5 freestyle champ for 13 weeks and never lost a battle. They had to retire me.

LATEST CD: Spirit of '94, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Madd Skillz, Dr. Dre, Outkast

The current popularity of hip-hop music has allowed for anyone with a microphone and a beat to call himself a rapper. Our radio stations, record stores and media are saturated with music absent of passion and personality. Kevin "Kaze" Thomas is one artist who has chosen his own path. His music is driven with energy and power, but it remains personal and accessible. Since his release Spirit of '94, Kaze has quickly become one of the most talked about and recognizable figures in the Triangle hip-hop scene.

LATEST CD: Kerbloki, available at local music stores and online.
FILE UNDER: '80s-style rap groups

Kerbloki is not your typical rap group. All music is created originally with real instruments in our private studio. It gives the music a different feel. Our lyrics are about whatever we are currently feeling -- woes about day jobs, partying, trying to pay bills, where we are currently living etc. You definitely won't hear any rhymes about the bling. Our live performances are unparalleled and are a must see, very high energy. We've played clubs in NYC, LA, Oakland, Chapel Hill and have shared the stage with groups such as Milemarker, Atom & His Package, Prince Paul, X-Ecutioners and local heroes Little Brother.

The Remix Project
CONTACT: or 969-9712
LATEST CD: Live CD available at shows

We are a live band that plays current and old school songs mostly heard on the radio and MTV, as well as some originals. We play instrumental covers from hip hop to pop to dance music, and remix them sometimes putting drum and bass or house music into songs you already know.

Pauly Snubnoze
CONTACT: or 873-7311
LATEST CD: Victimology, available online
File Under: Wu-Tang, Kool G

I'm a hip-hop extremist! I'm a 100-percent B-boy! I represent the freedom of music and the liberty of thought. Pauly Snubnoze is the essence of Hip-Hop! Massive Ditto's to The Anti-Crew! I'll catch you at the next show yo! Peace, Pauly.

CONTACT: or; 202-256-0639 or 201-4841
LATEST CD: 5 Elements, available at local record stores and online
FILE UNDER: The Roots, Common, Outkast

We are a live hip-hop band that has been rocking shows in the area for about five years. We have opened up for Outkast, Busta Rhymes, the Roots and many more. We tour all around the east coast at clubs, festivals and colleges, and have two cd's out as well as working on the third.

CONTACT: 812-8909

Shelly B has performed with DMX, Fabolous, Trick Daddy, Trina and Cash Money just to name a few. Some production on Somethin' Hot was done by 50 Cent's G-Unit crew.

LATEST CD: Smokwun-Attatime, available at SchoolKids, Maddwaxx and Record Exchange.

Smokwun has a unique rap style. the deep baritone of Big Daddy Kane, the cyncism of Eminem and the humor of Bernie Mac.


Dr. Gonzalez
FILE UNDER: The Connells, the Olympic Ass Kicking Team and the Vibe Killers.

Dr. Gonzalez is a four-piece instrumental combo whose music combines the influences of a wide variety of sounds, including '70s-style classic funk, soundtracks, psychedelia, country jazz and Memphis R&B. It features veteran area musicians who have played with a Who's Who of the North Carolina music scene.

Orchestra 8
CONTACT: 403-5647
LATEST CD: The Return of Captain Bringdown, available at local music stores, online and shows.
FILE UNDER: Vivaldi, VanDyke Parks, Scott Walker

"As their name carefully suggests, North Carolina's Orchestra 8 produce beautifully crafted orchestrated pop. Expect lush pop with very strong Brian Wilson/VanDyke Park leanings. Nice!" -- The Big Takeover. We play on the club and coffeehouse circuit.

Rhythm Circles for Everyone
CONTACT: 969-8400
FILE UNDER: Any jam band that invites you to play along with them!

Spice up your special event with participatory music making. From Exploris Museum to local schools to the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, we've gotten folks grooving to their own beat!

Shadow of a Great Name
LATEST CD: Invisible Side of a Situation, available at local record stores, shows or directly from the group

We are an instrumental band creating what one might call soundtracks. In the process we employ a multitude of techniques and instruments to create music you would listen to while sitting in a shack beside the road smoking opium.

CONTACT: or 834-9280
LATEST CD: IntroLuxury, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Sigur Ros, Ornette Coleman, Stereolab

Original compositions, improvised soundscapes -- one electric guitar and one electronic drum pad unit. Creating audible illusions for art openings/galleries, restaurants and private affairs.


Bryan McCune Trio/Quartet
LATEST CD: Spiral ... Let's go Out West, available at Millennium music, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Bill Frisell, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Boots Randolph

Under the guise of a standard jazz band, we sneak in our own interpretations of folk, country, traditional, and vintage pop. We play local clubs (e.g. Cappers).

CONTACT: 403-5647
FILE UNDER: Headhunters/Medeski, Martin, and Wood

Besides our original tunes, we also feature medleys of Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc. done instrumentally in our style.

Casablanca Orchestra
LATEST CD: Sing, Sing, SWING, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller

Our repertoire of more than 300 songs includes many big band swing, jazz, Latin, and blues standards from the '40s to the '90s, by such greats as Count Basie and Woody Herman and contemporaries Thad Jones and Harry Connick, Jr. In addition, we feature pop, beach music, rock 'n' roll "Oldies" and a number of our own original big band arrangements. This variety has enabled us to be successful with all audiences, both young and old.

Countdown Quartet
LATEST CD: Sadlack's Stomp , available at local record stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Preservation Hall Jazz Band, NRBQ, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the JB's, Rebirth Brass Band

We like going from a private party or wedding reception to a rock 'n' roll club, and making them all move.

LATEST CD: Raw Deal, available at CD Alley, Schoolkids and Record Exchange
FILE UNDER: Spike Jones, Charles Mingus, Cannon's Jug Stompers, Slayer

Whenever we play a wedding, it ends in disaster. Usually the groom runs off with a member of the band. And our drummer likes to spike the punch with LSD.

Erich Lieth Piano Improvisation
CONTACT: or 270-3440
LATEST CD: Noodling, available at shows and online
FILE UNDER: Heavily influenced by Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett

I provide a totally improvised show, based on a mix of original compositions, folk, blues, pop and jazz standards, either on an acoustic piano in place or on my own stage piano. My venues include house concerts, parties, restaurants, clubs, weddings, etc. My style has been compared to Keith Jarrett, and I try to attain the smooth swing of Oscar Peterson, and the creative Latin rhythms of Chick Corea.

Europa Quartet
CONTACT: Gabriel Pelli at or 545-9556
LATEST CD: Demo CD available at shows and by request
FILE UNDER: Django Reinhardt and The Hot Club De France

We are a tight quartet of seasoned musicians playing the music of the great French gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. We are reviving his, and other jazz standards from the '20s, '30s, and '40s for a new generation of hepcats. We'll play at restaurants, festivals, jazz clubs, weddings, etc.

Frankie Alexander and Friends
CONTACT: 493-4769
LATEST CD: Two cuts on the compilation Jammin'ese, available only at the Akai Hana Japanese restaurant
FILE UNDER: Carmen McCrae and Shirley Horn

Frankie Alexander and her trio of seasoned musicians, give a fresh interpretation to jazz classics. It's music for the introspective listener.

Hubcap Sims
FILE UNDER: James Booker, Dr John, Mead Lux Lewis

I also play for wedding reception dinners and other similar events. Besides the boogie woogie style, I play jazz ballads and standards.

Jim Crew
LATEST CD: Shimmy Shack, available at Quail Ridge Books and online
FILE UNDER: Martin, Medeski and Wood; Soul Live

Jim Crew and Shimmy Shack play old school acid jazz and Latin grooves mixed with modern electronica and extended improvisation. Great for clubs, parties, festivals.

Kevin Van Sant
CONTACT: or 672-1514
LATEST CD: Tunes from Two, a guitar/sax duo with Frank Corbi, available online
FILE UNDER: Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, Kurt Rosenwinkle

I have played all over the world and have participated in major international jazz festivals. Tunes from Two is the first in a six-volume set of duo CDs featuring different players to be released this summer. Whether it's solo guitar or a small group, this is the real thing: real jazz played for you by the best and most serious jazz musicians in the area.

LATEST CD: Jazz Tonight, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Ahmad Jamal, Keith Jarrett, Cyrus Chesnut

We play accessible jazz--bebop, blues, Latin, originals. Very danceable! In concert events, We often feature nationally known jazz musicians such as Lou Donaldson, Sonny Fortune, David "Fathead" Newman, Brian Lynch and many others.

Lucky's Starlight Lounge
CONTACT: We perform standards and lounge music and we love arranging songs in original ways. We're old-fashioned and swanky with a modern twist. Our music goes with dark, smoky places, but we also play for weddings, private parties, outdoor shows/festivals, restaurants and gallery openings.

The Mark Wells Jazz Trio
CONTACT: or 969-9712
LATEST CD: Demo CD can be downloaded from Web site
FILE UNDER: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder

We are a jazz trio that plays mostly standards, ranging from swing to bebop. We can also play soul and funk, a la Stevie Wonder, or some of our originals. We all are UNC graduates, and play several times a week in restaurants, weddings and private functions.

The Michael Jones Trio
FILE UNDER: Herbie Hancock Trio, Oscar Peterson Trio

The trio provides the best music in contemporary, traditional and smooth jazz. Our music covers the most traditional jazz selections from Duke Ellington to complex fusion selections from Chick Corea. We are available for jazz wedding receptions, private venues, parties, grand openings and public performances. Big sound for a small price.

Mo' Jazz Duo
CONTACT: Jeff Moe, or 968-8564
LATEST CD: Demo CD available by request

Mo' Jazz Duo features rich ballad singing with sweet Chromatic Harmonica. Perfect for small venues: concerts, dinner parties and art openings. A romantic feel with classic jazz including Brazilian rhythms

Moore Square Dixieland Band
CONTACT: 306-2116
LATEST CD: Dixieland One More Time, available through the band.
FILE UNDER: Pete Fountain

Hometime band plays at Big Ed's on Saturday mornings from 10:00 am-12:00 pm. Listed with the NC Cultural Arts Society. Available for private bookings. Specialty: "You pick the place, we'll make the party."

The Orgaphonics
CONTACT: or 672-1514
LATEST CD: T he Orgaphonics, available online
FILE UNDER: Jimmy Smith Trio, Larry Goldings Trio, Larry Young

The only (as far as I know) serious established organ trio in the area.

Psycho Cupid

We play jazz and popular standards from the 1930s to the '70s, including Gershwin, Sinatra and Bacharach. We're not really a jazz band, not really a lounge band, but we are a perfect band for a wedding event, cocktail party or a professional reception. Plus we'll even change our name to appease that special relative at your reception.

Susan Reeves
LATEST CD: Songs downloadable online

Dynamic. Bluesy. Soulful. Classy. Scintillating swing. Vocalist Susan Reeves has performed in festivals and venues around the state with Paul Jeffrey, String of Pearls, Chris Reynolds and other area artists, and is now brewing up her own magical mix of "BlueJazz."

Three Torches
LATEST CD: Infernal Machine, available at local music stores
FILE UNDER: Tennessee Ernie Ford

We play styles ranging from Latinesque to crime jazz, to film theme and so on. We have played weddings, parties, and clubs locally for about six years.

CONTACT: or 942-4236
FILE UNDER: Astrud Gilberto

Tristeza specializes in the cool and detached rhythms of the Bossa Nova. The band features the ethereal vocals of Rhonda Bailey, whose voice is strongly reminiscent of Astrud Gilberto, of "Girl from Ipanem" fame. The sophisticated interplay between John Currie's nylon string guitar and FJ Ventre's standup bass create the foundation for the elegant rhythms characteristic of the Bossa Nova style. Available for parties and receptions.

Tyson Rogers Quartet
LATEST CD: CDs and sound clips available online
FILE UNDER: Ornette Coleman, Paul Bley, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter

The Tyson Rogers Quartet features the pre-eminent jazz musicians of the Triangle. They perform house concerts throughout the area, and in venues where the audience is listening. Original compositions lean more toward the creative and adventurous.

Wayne Leechford Trio

The Wayne Leechford Trio is a jazz combo featuring Wayne Leechford on saxophone. This group plays a diverse mix of traditional jazz standards and modern, funky jazz. It's the perfect addition to any kind of fun social event, dinner party or reception.

LATEST CD: Twilight, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Medeski, Martin and Wood, Zonymash, Jon Hassel

We are an improv-oriented groove band, heavy on the electronics (with no apologies to jazz purists), using loosely structured compositions as a springboard. Eclectic styles are incorporated, ranging from funk, folk, various ethnic, to the unclassifiable. However, we try to stay away from "beep-squawk" and "stuck pig" sounds. We play local concerts, clubs and festivals.


CONTACT: Ricardo Granillo at or 217-3736
LATEST CD: Tu y Yo, available a local music stores and online

Carnavalito was founded in 1989 by Ricardo Granillo, who is the host for WSHA 88.9FM Latin music program since 1988. Tu y Yo was described as "ideal music for a party" and "one of 1999's best recordings" by Latin Beat magazine editor and Latin music historian Max Salazar. Carnavalito has performed their brand of Latin music throughout the southeast in festivals, concerts, parties, television, radio, and many other events.

LATEST CD: Three-song demo CD available by request

Samecumba is a Latin dance band, formed by musicians living in the Triangle area. Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia and jazz, can be found in Samecumba's music. This versatile group includes members from the U.S., Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. All of its members have been involved in other scenes in their respective countries as well. Although formed in June 2001, Samecumba already has a busy performing schedule at clubs and events in the Triangle.


Bad Checks
LATEST CD: High Dollar available at shows or online
North Carolina's pioneers in psycho-punk-a-billy.

Bats & Mice
LATEST CD: Believe It Mammals, available at local music stores and at shows
FILE UNDER: Swervedriver

Luke Herbst from local luminaries Cobra Kahn, Cursor, Tens of Thousands, recently took over on drums for Bats & Mice and has infused the group with a driving energy that has focused the band as they write songs for a new full length release and 7", both to be out on Lovitt Records.

CONTACT: or 362-7097
LATEST CD: Blister vs. The Theory of Evolution, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Ramones, Nirvana, the Hives

2000 Jim Beam Bourbon B.E.A.M. Music Grant winner, 2001 Showcase at The Atlantis Music conference on the Jim Beam stage, semi-finalist in the Musicians Magazine "Best Unsigned Band" contest, Listed in Faze 3 Magazine as one of the best bands in North Carolina.

The Ghost of Rock
LATEST CD: The Ghost of Rock four-song EP available at shows and online.

We have just finished recording a full length with Jason Ross and are currently shopping it. Best seen live-- you be the judge.

LATEST CD: In The Grip Of A Secured Rebellion, available online
FILE UNDER: Clash, Gang of 4, Fugazi, Yo La Tengo

Insurgence has been around since 1987 and has played more than 400 shows, released two CDs, two 7" and have been on numerous compilation releases. Though shows in recent years are not as frequent we are still together writing new songs. Insurgence continues to record and will be releasing its third full-length CD and will announce show dates in early 2004.

The Louts
CONTACT: Po Box 12371, Raleigh, NC 27605
LATEST CD: The Pissed and Loud EP available at local music stores and online and at shows
FILE UNDER: The Business, CockSparrer, Patriot

The band's sound is straight-forward and in your face streetpunk that concentrates on melody and musicianship as much as angst and ideals. Each member of the band brings their own ideas to the table which results in a very driven sound that is somewhat familiar, but also very unique.

The Molested
LATEST CD: Samurai Bastards, available online or at shows
FILE UNDER: Led Zepplin

Old school punk. Songs titles are the chords to each song. Gave birth to the next generation of molestation, Das Molested.

Xtreme Badasses
LATEST CD: Pump up the Treble, available at local record stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Queen, Devo, Mr. Bungle

Xtreme Badasses was started to be the world's best party band. And if you don't think we're on our way you've got another thing coming.

Alli With an I
LATEST CD: Long Story Short, available at local record stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day, No Use For A Name, New Found Glory

We love playing live and will play anywhere. We put as much energy into playing as we can. I Learned It By Watching You will be released in October and available at stores, online and shows.

CONTACT: Nick at 614-6692
LATEST CD: 2003 Sampler, available at shows

The band excels in the live show. Seven has been featured on many festivals, opening for a few known nationals, and has also managed to become an established band in Raleigh in the past two years, drawing an almost statewide fanbase.

Reggae, Ska and Zydeco

40 Ounces
LATEST CD: Impacto, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Sublime, the Pietasters, Reel Big Fish

We're a performance-oriented Ska band that plays throughout North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic.

Donovan and the Posse
FILE UNDER: Soul Syndicate, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Roots Radics, Firehouse Crew, Beres Hamond

Donovan and the Posse play every Thursday at Sammy's in Mission Valley, Raleigh where they have a large and loyal following. The band also tours around the state regularly performing not only in clubs but also in festivals and Caribbean events. Donovan Carless was the original singer for Jamaican reggae band the Soul Syndicate (see especially gallery page 6 where Bob Marley is backing up Donovan on guitar.)

LATEST CD: Sofa King Dread 2003, available online
FILE UNDER: Multi-car pile up at Five Points among the Wailers, Steely Dan, the Police and the English Beat

We are so versatile that we've recently shared stages with Israel Vibration, Mother's Finest, Gran Torino and the English Beat's Dave Wakeling.

LATEST CD: Average Bumz, available at Record Exchange and shows
FILE UNDER: Less Than Jake, Butch Walker, Sublime

Flojo has been a three-piece for years, we have just in the past few months become a five-piece. Our sound is original but still melodic. We have fun and it shows in our music.

Regatta 69
CONTACT: Brian Hill at or 401-5846
LATEST CD: Something Should Be Done, available online

With songwriting as a main focus, Regatta 69's sound is a swift twist of off-beat rock, fast reggae rhythms and punchy horn riffs. Regatta 69 pulls in enthusiastic crowds all over the US and Europe. They are known as a horn-blasting, beat-pounding, foot-movin' progressive pop-ska band.


CONTACT: 403-5647
LATEST CD: Dust, available at Record Exchange, Millennium Music, online and shows.
FILE UNDER: Blue Areoplanes, Mountain

Great songs, three-part harmonies, rockin' soundz. (Yes,we've been closed down by the police). We play anywhere and everywhere.

The Alan Davis Band
CONTACT: or 973-903-2872
LATEST CD: And Begin, available at shows and online
FILE UNDER: Railroad Earth, Paul Simon, Jump Little Children

An Alan Davis band show is a high-energy yet intimate affair that involves the audience as much as the musicians. The originals are carefully crafted songs, built on a rock-solid foundation of lyrical and evocative songwriting. Many of the tunes have roots in bluegrass, newgrass and folk, but the influence of classic rock and funk is undeniable.

The Alt
LATEST CD: 4 Better or 4 Worse, available at the Record Exchange and at shows
FILE UNDER: AC/DC meets Metallica with a female singer

Our live show is very good. We have lights, fog and a half-naked female singer.

The AM
FILE UNDER: Dinosaur Jr, Replacements, Big Star
Hey, we've played with The Rosebuds, Goner, Evil Weiner and The Loners lately and people dug it. That works for me. Working on a DIY recording of about 15 songs.

Astor's Cane
CONTACT: Miller Barefoot at 894-0045 or Johnny Orr at 795-0756
LATEST CD: This Life, available online or at our shows along
FILE UNDER: Goo Goo Dolls, the Nixen's, Match Box 20, Creed

Our music does the talking. We play and sing with unbelievable passion. Producer Dick Hodgin (Hootie & the Blowfish) says he's more excited about us than anything he's been excited about in a long, long, time. We will take this nation.

The Balance
FILE UNDER: Big Star, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Rosebuds, Cream

Jim Brantley formed The Balance in spring of 2003 as an outlet for the songs he had been furiously churning out in the year since his last band, the Ashley Stove, went on hiatus. Jim recruited two of his favorite local musicians for the rhythm section - drummer Matt McCaughan (also plays in Portastatic) and bassist Wes Philips - both accomplished professional jazz musicians who (fortunately) also happen to be afficianados of pop music.

Beggar's Caravan
LATEST CD: Beggar's Caravan Demo CD, available online or at shows
FILE UNDER: The Beatles, Phish, Dave Mathews, Widespread Panic, SRV, The Dead

We try to put on a good show with a lot of energy and charisma. Our originals have a "familiar feel" to them that people seem to be drawn to. We include many styles and improvisation in our music and anything can happen on stage.

Big Mama E and the Cool
CONTACT: Mike Edwards 696-1372 or Emma Davis 468-3282
LATEST CD: High Maintenance, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Fleetwood Mac meets Bonnie Raitt with Mark Knofler sitting in

This band excels at fun, though everyone has been playing many years, this project is the most fun for its members of any previous. The band is also very prolific, turning out a variety of original tunes at an incredible rate for part-timers. Lots of good hooks and very tight grooves.

Black Castle
FILE UNDER: Men's Recovery Project, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Lightning Bolt, Joshua Fit For Battle, Black Dice

We usually play basements. A significant part of our band is our "Black Castle" concept. Our soon-to-be-recorded full length has the theme of approaching, entering, then clearing out all the monsters from the "Black Castle."

FILE UNDER: X-Ray Spex, Cramps, Gun Club, PJ Harvey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We sire rough trade rock which slashes and stiffs like an SST taking off, but, you know, Devo was ethnic music, if you think about it. That sound could have only have been created in Akron, Ohio. Hot, fast and lazy sexpunk.

Blatant Disarray
LATEST CD: Blatant Disarray, available at at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Old School Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer
Blatant Disarray materialized in the underground Triangle metal scene. They exceed at awing their audiences with a spectacle of musical ability and by sweating raw stage presence.

The Bleeding Hearts
FILE UNDER: Cheap Trick, the Dead Boys, the Ramones, the Knack, the Cars

High-energy, guitar-based rock. Currently working on debut album.

Brothers Grim
CONTACT: E-mail:

Our music is original underground rock and twang, sometimes dirge music. We are a big supporter of the local Raleigh scene, and we play at and frequent small clubs and bars in the area.

LATEST CD: Cam-zen, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Led Zeppelin, Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana

Cam-Zen are usually down for playing any type of events and places, having played bars, clubs and more in the Triangle and elsewhere. Playing all original music in different rock styles.

Cantwell Gomez & Jordan
LATEST CD: Cantwell Gomez & Jordan, available at local music stores or by email at
FILE UNDER: X-Ray Spex, US Maple, Raymond Scott

We play spazz-prog-no-wave-free-experimental-avant-21st century-pre-post-fake jazz, but in a punk-rock way.

Cody Cods
LATEST CD: Tribute, available at local music stores and shows
FILE UNDER: The Spice Girls, NKOTB, Kool Moe Dee, Huey Lewis

Pool, perpetual promiscuity, puffing, perspicacity.

Cold Sides
LATEST CD: Corrugated Sibilants, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Wire, Public Image Limited

We have several upcoming releases: one new song on a split 7" with Sorry About Dresden on Sit'N'Spin records; one new song on a compilation CD of local bands on the Pox World Empire label; and a 12" with a remix of one song off our recent EP. Plus several new songs, which will be the first release on our friend Charlie Hearon's vinyl-only label.

Counter R/M
CONTACT: or 286-1020; or 286-1323
FILE UNDER: 3 Doors Down, Godsmack, Nirvana

Counter R/M has played at the Basement, Ringside, and at the Eno River Festival. And is also having a show on Aug. 29 at the Duke Coffeehouse. We will play at clubs and parties.


Songwriter Sarah Glasco's haunting harmonies are swirled with melodic yet edgy pop musical arrangements, and her classical background surfaces sporadically and subtly in content and form. Shannon O'Connor and Glasco mix beauty and banality to create their own brand of quirkily serious music.

Dave Kepford & the OhioFarmCats
FILE UNDER: CCR, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Wallflowers, Pete Yorn, Springsteen

Hopefully some songs!! that aren't ....uhmm....too ... much ... the same...? In both the broad and narrow sence of the word. and ...well ... Entertaining?

Death Runs Silent
LATEST CD: Three-song demo available by request. Mp3's available at FILE UNDER: Extol, Arch Enemy

Young but rising metalcore band from Raleigh filled with deep growls, insane guitar solos, and a crazy live show. Though the band is entirely under 18, we have played venues around the Carolinas and Virginia and played with such national acts as Daylight Dies, Dead To Fall, This Runs Through and many more!

Dom Casual
CONTACT: or 336-570-3693
LATEST CD: This Is the Sound of Dom Casual, available at shows and local music stores
FILE UNDER: The Kinks, Modern Lovers

Dom Casual evoke the innocent optimism of '60s pop as it slams headfirst into the disillusionment of '70s punk with a healthy dose of carbon monoxide-imbibed garage choke, plus clever instrumentals that come off like Hugo Montenegro chatting up go-go girls at a Sandals session. We play at clubs, parties, or anywhere people want us.

The Droogies
LATEST CD: Joe's Uncle, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: The Pixies, Faraquet, Outkast, NOFX, RHCP, TMBG, Hip Hop and weird stuff

We play a style of music that is catchy, intense, fast paced, mellow, and to the point. We don't really sound like any other band in the triangle or maybe even the world.

Druscilla Mane
FILE UNDER: Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Aerosmith

Bringing back the glory days of glam! Druscilla Mane are all about big guitar riffs, big hair and loud rock and roll. Formed in March 2003 in Chapel Hill.

Dynamite Brothers
CONTACT:, 932-4766 or 7809 Dodson's Crossroads, Hillsborough, NC 27278
LATEST CD: Clap Along with the Dynamite Brothers, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: The Minutemen, Funkadelic, Chambers Brothers, early ZZ Top, Vanilla Fudge, any Fat Possum artist

The Dynamite Brothers juxtapose the soul and groove of American roots music with the grit and fervor of garage and punk. The result is a blend of sanctified, highly danceable rock 'n' roll that's caught somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Live shows are tight and delivered with sincere intensitysweat is a given, but don't be surprised to see these boys bleedin' for ya.

Erie Choir
FILE UNDER: CCR, Huey Lewis and the News, Badfinger, The Band

Exchange Park
FILE UNDER: Jawbox, Juno, Gang of Four, Hot Snakes

Exchange Park write songs with a lot going on. Usually the songs are pretty at some point. Some math, but more rock. Complicated but moving.

Eyes to Space
LATEST CD: The Elephant Experiment, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: XTC, The Residents, They Might Be Giants

We are continually trying to push the envelope with our music but we want our songs and live shows to be accessible and engaging. All four of us come from completely different musical backgrounds but find common ground in this band. We tour frequently, heavily promote our local shows and are commited to making quality recordings.

Fashion Design
LATEST CD: Fashion Design EP, available at shows and directly from band
FILE UNDER: David Bowie; Jesus and Mary Chain; Television; Siouxsie and the Banshees

We try our hearts out to write cerebral rock compositions with interesting lyrics and vocal melodies. The bass is punchy while the guitars bathe in a distorted echo. Both guitarists play a combination of lead and rhythm parts and all three vocalists have their own distinct tones which are used in various combinations.

The Feebles
LATEST CD: Uneasy, available at local music stores and at shows
FILE UNDER: Jim White, Gillian Welch.

Sadness. Suicide. Murder ballads.

The Flood
CONTACT: 949-2853
LATEST CD: Field Trip, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Sting, U2, the Samples

The Flood is free from overplayed grunge influences and silly Top-40 predictability. The Flood draws from a melodic writing style that is rich in energy and imagination rarely seen in today's new bands. It is clear that they are deeply interested in the real craft of music. The Flood's first release was voted in the top 20 albums of 2002 by Triad Style magazine.

Forever High
LATEST CD: We have a CD of seven of the originals that we do. It is available by contacting Barry Nichols at the above e-mail

We cover music from Rolling Stones, CSN, CCR, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette, The Donnas and more. We are band that has a lot of fun when we play. We are from Roxboro and have started to sprout our wings in other cities. We recently played in Fayetteville.

Frosted Sugar Bombs
FILE UNDER: Fountains of Wayne, NRBQ, Wings, Rockpile

We write big hooky pop songs, and play them. We have nice-looking instruments and storied histories. We play dives, festivals, pig pickins and basements, and that's just so far; we might expand in the future.

LATEST CD: Sweets from the Minibar, available at local record stores, online and shows
FILE UNDER: B-52's, The Cars, Pretenders, Blondie

Gerty is an energetic New Wave rock band from Durham. We're on a mission to make people in the Triangle and America shake their butts and have some fun for a change.

Glory Fountain
LATEST CD: The Beauty of 23, available in stores, online and shows

The Greatest Lie Ever Told
LATEST CD: Demo can be downloaded from Web site or e-mail for a hard copy
FILE UNDER: Califone, Holopaw, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, Modest Mouse, Archers of Loaf

The Greatest Lie Ever Told is a unique blend of folk music, and indie-rock with electronic textures. We are on a quest to free oppressed ears from across the Triangle.

The Half-Baked Beans
CONTACT: Mike at, or 414-6891
LATEST CD: Quentin Rehab Power Hour -- Fucoffagus, available by request online or at shows
FILE UNDER: Ween, Frank Zappa, Weird Al Yankovich, Devo

Deemed by many as "inappropriate music for all occasions," the Half-Baked Beans is a collection of guys who play satirical, humorous, music and also perform skits as part of their repertoire. The Beans have left people in stitches and yelling for more at every show they've performed. There's nothing like it around here. The band plays clubs, festivals and private parties.

LATEST CD: U Ready, Man? available at local music stores and online

Hobex's newest release, U Ready, Man?, is a mind-bending mix of rocking jamband soul music that is unlike anything else. Led by guitarist, singer and writer Greg Humphreys, Hobex covers more territory in 45 minutes than a supersonic transport. Like Marvin Gaye crowd-surfing over the North Mississippi Allstars...

Holy Roman Empire
CONTACT:, Original songs, usually melodic, sometimes spare, sometimes gritty.

Hotel Motel
FILE UNDER: Jim O'Rourke fronting The Minutemen riding on the back of a tiger

Our songs are loud (unless not) and good and mostly short. We have two vans.

Jackie O. Pillbox
LATEST CD: Sing Along with Jackie O. Pillbox, available at shows
FILE UNDER: On the Corner-era Miles Davis

Jackie O. Pillbox is a collaboration of some of the area's oddest musicians who have gathered together to give life to the compositions of Don Raleigh. The instrumentation says Jazz or Latin (vibes, gut string guitar, upright bass, horns and drums) but the sound is original and "delightfully uncategorizable."

Jacuzzi Brothers
LATEST CD: Jacuzzi Brothers EP, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Kraftwerk, Gang of Four, New Order, This Heat

Jeff Hart
LATEST CD: Glances From a Nervous Groom, available online
FILE UNDER: The Byrds, the Kinks, Buffalo Springfield, Paul Westerburg

Been refining songwriting for a long time in many different genres (Power Pop, Americana, Honky Tonk) and it's nice to have a large diverse backlog to draw from at live shows. Have had the privilege to play in bands along the way with some of my heroes and state legends such as Chris Stamey, John Howie and Robert Kirkland. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

LATEST CD: Peas and Collards, available in stores, shows, and online
Come help us eat Peas and Collards at our CD release party, De La Luz, Temple Ball Gallery, Carrboro, on Sept. 19.

Jim Smith and His Tall Buildings
CONTACT INFO: Steve Carter at or 933-1775
FILE UNDER: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, John Prine

The band lives and works in Chapel Hill and has been know to make impromptu performances at local venues in the area. Often referred to as "Cowboy Arena Pop," the music is well-crafted, sanguine and pensive, wrapped in sweet melodies and gospel-based vocal harmonies. Whether you are a fan of rock or country, you're sure to find something that you like here.

Land of Chocolate
LATEST CD: Unikorn on the Cob, available at Schoolkids Records and CD Alley in Chapel Hill, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Mr. Bungle, Mike Keneally, Gentle Giant, King's X, Faith No More, Living Colour, Cave In, King Crimson, Tool

Land of Chocolate can best be classified as sophisticated rock, incorporating complex arrangements influenced by jazz, classical, fusion and hard rock. Throw in multi-part vocal harmonies, groove-oriented passages, virtuosic playing and a healthy respect for song structure, and you have a musical concoction that will make your mouth water.

The Laramie uk
FILE UNDER: Spiritualized, the Cure, Jazz Butcher, Sigur Ros

The Laramie uk drops melodic space-pop that builds in momentum through gauzy precision. Lulling like a tide. In clubs and laundrettes.

Licking Venus
FILE UNDER: Nirvana, Snag, AiC, Drain Bramage

"Last show we played at Planet Rock (Jacksonville, N.C.), our Marine buddies heard our Tequila song and commenced the ceremonial snakebite dance. We had to stop the show after breaking too many strings." Miles Partridge. MP3s available on Web site; Fear of a Horny Planet due in Fall 2003.

Lula's Birthmark
LATEST CD: Lula's Birthmark, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Barenaked Ladies, The Police, Coldplay, Train, Beatles, Goo Goo Dolls, Crowded House

Crafters and performers of songs with infectious melodies, wrapped in intricate harmonies and bacon. Pop/rock with intelligent lyrics? You got it Pickle-neck! And still you will be rocked.

Malt Swagger
LATEST CD: The Lost Pilot, available at at local records stores and shows
FILE UNDER: Godspeed You Black Emperor, Black Heart Procession, Friends of Dean Martinez, Angelo Badalamenti

Malt Swagger hails from Durham and is born of the genealogy of a multitude of local bands. The music goes well with Scotch at three in the morning, or Schlitz at two in the afternoon. They are planning to release their second album, long overdue, in the very near future.

Maple Stave
LATEST CD: What Brought the Summer Stayed, available at local record stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Shipping News, Slint, Unwound, Shellac, Victory at Sea

We use strange tunings and odd meters. We try to pretend we're a very small orchestra and listen to each other. We try our best to use dynamics effectively. We are very friendly. We play wherever we are allowed.

CONTACT: Manager Jordan Feldstein at 818-955-8511
LATEST CD: EP out in winter
FILE UNDER: Remy Zero, Kent, U2, REM, Counting Crows, the Cure, Pete Yorn

Meltdown Yellow
LATEST CD: Self-titled demo available at

Meltdown Yellow is an all-original, high energy, melodic rock band from Raleigh. Meltdown Yellow's music enjoys heavy rotation on several area radio stations. The band has quickly developed a strong, loyal fan base. They are professional, hard working and know exactly how to please a crowd.

LATEST CD: Last of the Cadillac Days, available at local music stores
FILE UNDER: Widespread Panic, The Band, Uncle Tupelo

Memphis is an all-original garage roots rock band driving on many other influence. Last of the Cadillac Days was recorded and produced by Jimbo Mathus (ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers frontman and Knockdown Society member). "Memphis is serious about the business of building their rock garage," wrote Grant Britt of ESP magazine.

The Moaners

The Moaners are Melissa Swingle of Trailer Bride, and Laura King of Grand National.

Morbid Ramblers
FILE UNDER: Emperor, Impaled Nazarene, Johnny Cash

We play Western Scandinavian Death Country -- brutally innovative country music topped off with morbid vocal stylings. Available for birthday parties.

North Elementary

LATEST CD: Out of Phase, available at music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Beta Band, Spiritualized, Beck, Wilco

Nova Cancy
LATEST CD: Three-song demo, available at local music stores at shows (for free)

We headline the Brewery often, open at the Lincoln Theatre and will start touring in fall. While we have one full-length CD and two other demos, our most recent was produced by Ben Folds Five bassist Robert Sledge. Sledge said, "this is the first time any band from Raleigh has recorded vocals of this style, this demo will make an impact."

The Nickel Slots
LATEST CD: Starving Artist Sale, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Wallflowers, Goo Goo Dolls

Nut Magnet
CONTACT: Ken Mosher at or 545-0864

We know our job is to rock, and we do it right. We hate each other so much that every performance has the explosive potential to be our last show, ever.

LATEST CD: Atomic Soul Invasion, available at live and DJ shows only
FILE UNDER: Mikey and The Soul Generation, Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, the Meters, the JBs, Lowell Fulson, Soul Brothers Six, Graham Central Station

Odd is an animal, vegetable, and mineral; a solid, liquid and gas. Odd is good either late at night in a basement or early in the afternoon in a garden. Odd makes a range of music from film soundtracks to dance club drum and bass.

One Way Glass
LATEST CD: Untitled EP, available for free on Web site

We are an original alt-rock group trying to get heard, so we play long shows(about three to four hours) with lots of good covers and throw in some originals. Always a good time! Some places we play are the Cantina in Raleigh, Players Choice in Greenville, Hunter Hill Pub in Rocky Mount, Papa Joe's in Wilson.

Ozone Quartet
LATEST CD: Nocturne, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dixie Dregs, Jean-Luc Ponty

Ozone Quartet is an instrumental rock-fusion band based in Raleigh. Originally known as Cloud Nine, the group was formed in 1992 by Wayne Leechford (Chapman Stick) and Hollis Brown (electric violin). The group's two releases, Fresh Blood and Nocturne, have received critical acclaim by the worldwide progressive rock community and international radio airplay. After a three-year hiatus, the band is performing again and plans to release a new CD, Live at Local 506, in September.

Patty Hurst Shifter
LATEST CD: Beestinger Lullabies, available at stores, shows and online
FILE UNDER: Rolling Stones, The Faces, Replacements, Crazy Horse, Bash & Pop

About N.C. bands, some writer in New York wrote this: "Among the best is Patty Hurst Shifter, a four- piece, guitar-heavy band whose music is loaded with righteous riffs, Southern twang and tunes about love gone wrong, mixed with raw, hard-hitting, high-energy rock a la The Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones. Lead singer Chris Smith and guitarist Marc Smith (no relation) make a fine frontline team, and bassist Johnny Williams and drummer Skillet Gilmore, formerly of Whiskeytown, round the band out. PHS's high-octane level rarely goes below nine throughout and that's fine with me."

Permanent Darling
CONTACT: or 260-4720
FILE UNDER: Radiohead, Flamming Lips, Pink Floyd, Lake Trout, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins

Our style is somewhat unique in the way we combine electronic textures and beats with melodic guitar lines, live drum and bass and passionate, emotional lead vocals. We work a lot on layering different sounds and flowing from melodic, melancholy sections of songs to harder driving "wall of sound" movements. These dynamics pack our live shows with plenty of energy -- at our last Local 506 show, a fan called our live show a mix of "Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine."

The Pinkslips
FILE UNDER: The Runaways, The Kinks, Sleater Kinney

The Pinskslips are an all-girl rock trio with original songs, catchy melodies and three-part harmonies. Some say our sound is reminiscent of Tool meets The Go Go's. We played our first show in January 2003 and immediately embarked on a Northeast tour, but primarily divide our time between rock clubs in Chapel Hill and Raleigh.

LATEST CD: Polynya EP, available at shows and via e-mail
FILE UNDER: Stereolab, Can, Velvet Underground, J.S. Bach

Polynya is a band that experiments with composition and texture in an intelligent but rarely obtuse manner. Two keyboards with self-programmed sounds, echo-saturated arpeggiated guitar, and two distinctly different vocalists make for a psychedelic yet classical sonic experience. Fun arrangements. We like to play in any environment and the variety of our music allows us to accommodate many situations, but we most favor playing in clubs.

Pretty as a Pill
CONTACT: or 834-9280
LATEST CD: I Sent it to Me, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Air, Bowie, the Cure, Cat Stevens, Tubeway Army...

A duo performing pop songs interspersed with improvisational interludes ... "in stereo." Original music suggesting saintly images in silver and blue.

Red Skeleton
CONTACT: or the
LATEST CD: Red Skeleton, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Dinosaur Jr., Swirlies, Sonic Youth, Tree People

Regina Hexaphone
LATEST CD: Eleven Songs, available upon request
FILE UNDER: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

We play original songs with diverse influences, as well as a few well-chosen covers. A new release is forthcoming in the fall, and we also have songs on many local compilation CDs. We have played at parties, clubs, weddings, museums, hotels, living rooms, galleries, parking lots, festivals and barns.

CONTACT: PO Box 18062/Raleigh, 27619
LATEST CD: The Alcohol EP, available online and by special order at local music stores
FILE UNDER: Swans, Lovesliescruching, Aarktica

Remora lives a double life doing singer-songwriter acoustic pieces and gut- shaking walls of noiseand feedback. A winning combination.

The Rosebuds
LATEST CD: The Merge Records Compilation, Survive and Advance, Vol. 3, includes the cut "I'd Feel Better." The Rosebuds Make Out will be released on Merge Records Oct. 7. A song called "Governor's Daughter" will appear on the yet-to-be-titled Pox World Empire Records compilation coming out in September.

Round Two
LATEST CD: Habit, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: OAR, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Matchbox 20

With eight original songs and several more on the way, Round Two is able to entertain crowds of all ages and sizes with the addition of well-chosen, rocking cover songs.

The Sames
LATEST CD: The Sames EP, available online

We play parties, clubs, weddings, etc.

The Scaries
LATEST CD: Souvenir, available in stores

Full-on anthemic goddamn rock music.

LATEST CD: Trails, local record stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Steely Dan, Cake

We're in the process of completing studio project with legendary Raleigh producer John Custer (COC, Gran Torino, Cry of Love, DAG). The new project redefines Saunter as a band that delivers concise, well-written high energy tunes. Musical range covers modern to alternative rock with an infusion of jazz.

FILE UNDER: The Replacements, Pixies, Stones

We play rock music at rock clubs, play as often as we can but not too much. We have a song coming out on a POX World Empire Records compilation in October. Trying to keep it real. We love Raleigh and Chapel Hill equally!

LATEST CD: Loaded, available at shows
FILE UNDER: Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age

We play turgid, guitar-driven rock propelled by heavy drop-D riffs. Lots of wah pedal! If you like "stoner" rock, come check us out!

Shallow Be Thy Name
LATEST CD: A 15-song lo-fi-apartment-rock-style CDR (compiling local releases from 2000-2001) is available for free at shows or with the purchase of a SBTN T-shirt from CD Alley in Chapel Hill.
FILE UNDER: Unrest, REM, Pylon, the Monkess, Royal Trux, Fleetwood Mac

SBTN utilizes dense arrangements, tandem lead vocals, abstract/absurd lyrics and dance-friendly rhythms to invoke a sound that is cerebral yet physically engaging. We'll have tracks on the upcoming Pox World Empire compilation as well as Hyno-Vista's Evil Weiner tribute album.

Shark Quest
LATEST CD Man on Stilts, available at local music stores, online and at shows

Currently working on original score to the documentary film Monster Road by Jim Haverkamp and Brett Ingram. New album on Merge to be recorded in the fall of '03.


LATEST CD: Electric Shock Daycare, available at Schoolkid's Records, Record Exchange, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Hatebreed, Slipknot, Pantera, Dry Kill Logic, Sevendust, Tool

Shiver hits the stage at any show obviously standing apart as masters of their talent and music with true lyrics and all kinda of elements n their songs. They have played also with such bigger acts as Endo, Nonpoint, Hatebreed and others in Raleigh, Charlotte, North Carolina, South Carolina and many others.

CONTACT: or 452-4530
FILE UNDER: Unwound, Shipping news, George Winston, Funk Brothers, King Crimson, Metallica ca. 1986 -- but without vocals

Sirens play instrumental rock music -- the band's unique combination of baritone/bass guitar, viola and drums is a survey of all three members' interests and influences. The songs cover a lot of ground -- at times sinuous and lyrical, other times heavy and driving, but always rhythmically inventive. But Gus' mom, Mrs. Grizlac, just thinks it's depressing. We're in the process of recording a full-length record, tentatively titled Sign Language.

The Sleepies
LATEST CD: Allegro, available at local music stores, online and at shows

The Sleepies are a band chasing after mutant forms of musical beauty. A music of juxtaposition where pounding drums propel male and female harmonies, where psychedelic guitars cut and pull against lush spacious keyboards, where cut up collage lyrics are molded into catchy melodies.

LATEST CD: Live at Nevaeh, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Third Day, Jars of Clay, Sonicflood

SonKissed performs mostly originals with a smattering of well-known praise songs, typically for Christian clubs, churches and community and youth events as well as parties. The band makes the whole show entertaining with humorous between-song banter and interaction with the crowd. The members of the band are very professional despite their age, and are adept at dealing with technical mishaps without missing a beat.

Sorry About Dresden
LATEST CD: Let it Rest, available in local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Marshall Tucker Band, the High Numbers, Robert Cray

We love to play weddings and post-prom parties. Sorry About Dresden has brothers in many professions. We'll embarrass your mom.

Spacestation Integration
Latest CD: Live from Nowhere
File Under: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Spacestation Integration plays non-traditional banjo-oriented music combining elements of jazz, rock, bluegrass, funk, Celtic and Indian styles with a focus on improvisation and musicianship.

Spencer Acuff
LATEST CD: Moment Golden, available at Schoolkids Records and online
FILE UNDER: John Mayer, Counting Crows, America

We have original songwriting from three different members and three-part harmonies. We have played at the Apollo Theater, Cat's Cradle and Go! Studios and with acts such as Will Hoge, Better than Ezra and Wilco.

LATEST CD: Self-titled mini CD available at shows or contact
FILE UNDER: Wire, the Cure, 13th floor Elevators, Can, Spiritualized

David Mueller started Strange about a year ago as more of a song lab than a traditional rock 'n' roll band. The focus is on using simple structures as a jump off toward something stridently peculiar, hence the name. We play regional clubs.

LATEST CD: Fire Storm, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Godsmack, Linkin Park, Filter

Expect the unexpected, Sydewynder is notorious for leaving some lasting impressions with its high-energy stage shows. So far, the band's 10-year hard-rock saga has spawned four national radio hits and two MTV singles. With the recent April 2003 release of their new album Fire Storm, they are making a powerful impact on the industry.

The Wigg Report
LATEST CD: The Wigg Report EP, distributed though "guerilla tactics" -- free at music store counters, bars and bookstores
File Under: Jonathan Richman, Yo La Tengo, Velvet Underground

We have played house parties, clubs, but not hesitate to play anywhere asked. We have been known to do guerilla shows around Durham.

Tomorrowz Yesterdaze
FILE UNDER: Sublime, Phish, Incubus, Greatful Dead, Weezer, Widespread Panic

We do a great live show. We usually do two full sets. No two shows are ever alike. We have played at The Berkeley Cafe, Stool Pigeons, The Cantina, The Pour House, and other smaller bars around Raleigh. We have played at a wedding, a biker party in Nash County, a private party in the kitchen of a trailer, and a birthday party outside in 18-degree weather (never again). We are also currently recording in Stuck Shot's home studio.

LATEST CD: 7" vinyl EP, available at CD Alley and shows; eponymous self-released CD available by e-mail
FILE UNDER: The Who, the Kinks, Badfinger

We are a great live band and our appeal is broad. Our main focus is writing songs that could be instant classics. We have a loyal following in Chapel Hill and we can be found at Go Room 4, Local 506, Cat's Cradle or the Cave, as well as King's Barcade in Raleigh. We're also featured on Patchwork Compilation, released by Mere Exposure records and available at local music stores.

LATEST CD: Fortune is On, available at local music stores
FILE UNDER: Spiritualized, Modest Mouse, Radiohead

LATEST CD: Untold, available at shows

When you get five very talented musicians, all with their own styles and taste in music, and mix them together you get Untold -- meaningful and very complex heavy rock at its best with a style of music all its own.

LATEST CD: Where Are the People? available at Schoolkids and at shows
FILE UNDER: The Pretenders, Jon Brion, XTC

Both male and female lead vocalists co-writing and arranging songs in a classic '60s tune-smith style rather than using jams or loops. Eclectic Rock blend peppered with New Wave, Country and Jazz.

Veronica Blood
LATEST CD: The Taste For Blood, available online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, Specimen

Veronica Blood plays the kind of raw spooky rock that Bauhaus defined as "gothic" at the end of the '70s. Free from synthesizers, samplers and drum machines, Veronica Blood's music is visceral and immediate. Centered around the sultry, unique vocal style of Rebecca Zannini, Veronica's music is instantly recognizable, and their stage shows the stuff of legend.

Viva la Venus
LATEST CD: The Never Ending Mending Story, available onlineand at shows
FILE UNDER: Female version of Foo Fighters! Veruca Salt, Hole -- who the hell knows?

Viva la Venus offers women's perspective to the broad range of the genre called rock. Its original music can vary from mellow and introspective to Ramones-like punk; blues, jazz, metal and even twinges of '80s new wave can be heard in its music. The music of Viva la Venus recently made its national cable TV debut on Lifetime TV's "Strong Medicine."

The Ugglians
LATEST CD: Ugglians Eat Your Head, available at 2003 Durham Music Festival
FILE UNDER: The Dicks, the Stooges, Color Me Badd, Shellac, Drive Like Jehu

Ugglians rock anywhere, everywhere. Samson's bass sounds as sweet as a jackhammer on an SUV. Xamot's guitar drills through the skulls of the republican electorate, releasing their demons. CR!T3r's drums pound like the Mother of All Bombs.

LATEST CD: Horn of Plenty available at shows
FILE UNDER: Rock Goddess, Katatonia

Roxotica is the beautiful, hard-rocking, three-headed love child of Venus (goddess of love) and Vulcan (god of metal). Masters of double-entendre, purveyors of three-part harmony, flaunters of fishnet, they can be found in clubs from Wilmington to Asheville, putting the "harm" in harmonies and the "chic" in "chick-rock." Not ones to take themselves too seriously (hyperbole notwithstanding), Roxotica serves up your rock entree smothered in a delicious gravy of bawdy humor and bad British accents.


Dan Byrk
LATEST CD: Lovers Leap, available at Schoolkids and online
FILE UNDER: Randy Newman, AMC, Aimee Mann, Flaming Lips, Jonathan Richman, FoW, Jim Webb, Pavement, Barry White

Recently moved to Raleigh to make a record ... and for the BBQ. Critics: "Randy Newman for Generation Y, performing sad songs of lost love at the Donut Hut, and mining his heartbreak with the wryest of smiles" -- DeRogatis; "This songman from Toronto is some kind of genius--not the unerring kind, more the coruscating kind." -- Christgau, Listen to tracks from my various releases at

Alysson Light
LATEST CD: Looking Glass Conversations, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Jonatha Brooke

Alysson Light "is a prodigiously talented teenage singer-songwriter"(as stated by David Menconi of The News & Observer), with outstanding new melodies and lyrics who backs herself up on piano. She has had No. 1 songs on several Internet sites, including

Jimmy Magoo
LATEST CD: Short & Sweet available at Temple Ball Productions, the Music Explorium and at shows
FILE UNDER: Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, They Might be Giants, the Muppet Band

Jimmy writes good music for cool kids of all ages. No sit-down mild-mannered saccharine-smile raffi rehashes here -- Jimmy (and his bandmates) like to rock, and he believes great music and children's music don't have to be two different things. Kids like Jimmy's latest release, Short & Sweet because it's full of colorful characters, happy harmonies and singable melodies. Adults like its clever, heartfelt lyrics, positive and progressive message, and because it's simply good music.

Matt McGuire
LATEST CD: Soul Changes, available at shows and online
FILE UNDER: Martin Sexton

Singer-songwriter Matt McGuire, originally from West Virginia, was voted "the region's best acoustic solo live performer." He takes a wide variety of musical genres and combines them with a southern blues flair.

Anthony Neff
LATEST CD: Generation X-istential Blues, available at local record stores, online at and at shows.
FILE UNDER: Townes Van Zandt, Gordon Lightfoot

Haunting melodies and intelligent lyrics delivered with warm vocals and smooth guitar work. On a good night, I might even break out a kazoo.

Brooks Wood
LATEST CD: The Road, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Howie Day, Matt Nathanson, Pat McGee, Mike Corrado and Ben Folds

I like to run two separate loop pedals when playing live -- one for my guitar and the other for my vocals. It freaks people out when I get a lot of stuff going on. I'll have five guitar parts and the same amount of vocals going at one time. It's great.

Jess Pillmore
CONTACT: booking@jesspillmore
LATEST CD: Slightly Skewed, available at stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Patty Larkin, Jonatha Brooke

Insightful and intelligent lyrics with rapid fire phrasing ... not commonplace in the least ( Strong driving melodies, funky rhythms ... complex, subtle instrumentation ( A powerhouse voice that rips the stage off of any women s music concert or coffee house (Splendid e-zine). A cross between the best of '60s folk and '80s punk rock (Folio Weekly), Jess' music dances on the line between Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox with the sassy presence of Cyndi Lauper. Receiving rave reviews and national airplay. Critics Choice in TimeOut NY.

Jason Reischel
LATEST CD: CD available by request
FILE UNDER: Ryan Adams, Wilco, Jack Johnson/Ben Harper, Beatles, Bob Dylan

I take the acoustic guitar and make it sound anything but acoustic. My originals are just as catchy and memorable as the covers in my repertoire. You will leave humming a tune that sounds as if it was written by the hand of God himself.

Judy Sandra
LATEST CD: East/West Fusion, available at shows and online

Judy Sandra's music is an organic global blend of western folk, pop, classical, jazz and Latin, with the influences of India's classical and pop music. Piano and intimate vocals joined by tabla beats and the mesmerizing drone of the tanpura result in a sweet fusion of western meets eastern music that is both inspired and inspiring. With a four-octave range, this thinking man's diva sings her poetic, spiritual and philosophical songs in a soothing, soulful style.

Chris Titchner
LATEST CD: Some Things Never Change, available at local music stores, online and at shows

Drawing from his experiences playing in a rock band and with a cellist, Chris' style has evolved into what can easily be described as lyric-driven-acoustic-folk-rock. His catchy melodies and lyric-based songwriting have won him fans at coffeeshops, bars, bookstores, colleges, and fine restaurants alike.

Larry Weaver
LATEST CD: Looking for Fun, available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: "Weird Al" Yankovic, Rev. Billy Wirtz, Mojo Nixon, Ray Stevens, Frank Zappa, Adam Sandler

Larry Weaver serves up funny country-fried pop songs with a heapin helping of stand-up comedy. His live act is loaded with great music, audience interaction, outrageous characters and, of course, the occasional wig. He is featured this month on

Lisa Ray & Her Excellent Band
LATEST CD: This Moment is the Show, available at and at shows
FILE UNDER: Tori Amos, Sarah Mclachlan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Faye Wong

Lisa Ray is a bilingual Asian-American, and a classically trained pianist. Her original songs are in Japanese and in English, and influenced by Japanese folk music.

Mike Germano
FILE UNDER: Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, kind of a Tony-Bennett-meets-Dave-Matthews sound

Alternative singer/songwriter music that aims at an adult contemporary audience by creating music that includes elements of jazz, rock and acoustic. The voice is smooth and articulate and ranges from baritone to tenor. The well-played guitar parts tend to be finger style or syncopated rhythms with a penchant for "jazz chords." This blended mixture of jazz, rock and acoustic with a lightly focused vocal over the top creates a unique genre of music that is not easily categorized, but crosses over to several audiences.

Rodie Ray
LATEST CD: Kick Pleat Skirt is available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Edie Brickell, Fiona Apple, the Sundays

I have performed (solo and with a full band) at a wide variety of venues and events ranging from Lilith Fair to the smallest bar or coffee shop in Hicksville, USA.

Tad Dreis
LATEST CD: Solitaire For Two is available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: Matthew Sweet, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Neil Finn

Tad Dreis sings stacks of harmonies with himself like Matthew Sweet or Elliott Smith and recounts tales of mosquitos and lust, of kittens and the trees that love them. All we can say is that sometimes the surreal is confessional, and sometimes a jangle becomes a twang.

The Basics
LATEST CD: Cosmic Neighborhood, available at online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Sheryl Crow, U2, Shawn Colvin, Peter Himmelman, Indigo Girls

In a bold move to grow their fan base on the East Coast and to collaborate with other artists, the basics opened their own home recording studio, the Second Story in Durham. The Basics have collaborated with Dale Baker of Sixpence None the Richer, Ken Coomer of Wilco, Chris Donohue of VOL, Phil Madiera and Claire Holley. The Basics have gained valuable experience doing session work for a wide assortment of projects, both commercial and artistic. They recently wrote two original songs selected for a tribute to Payne Stewart that aired on ABC and ESPN as part of the U.S. Open golf telecast.

Tracy S. Feldman
LATEST CD: Sea of Lucky Numbers, available online at, and at shows

I play music that ranges from hard-edged and fast paced to introspective and delicate. I try to tackle big topics with my lyrics and music, aiming for universalities while avoiding the cliche.

Greg Taylor
FILE UNDER: Bruce Cockburn, John Lennon, Elvis Costello

I am primarily a songwriter. I perform at cafes, parties, and festivals. I am finishing my first CD now and it will be released this fall.

Jon Zachary and Deborah Trauley
LATEST CD: Turn on a Point, available at Quail Ridge Books and at shows

Jon's songwriting has placed him as a finalist at the Chris Austin/MerleFest competition (1998) and twice at the NCSW Co-op competition. We play primarily clubs, parties, and house concerts.

Mark Smith and Circle of Friends
CONTACT:, or 929-1135
LATEST CD: I Send A Voice, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Robbie Gass and Wings of Song, Cynthia Crossen

Often I'm soloist and accompanist at local Unity churches; I also love to lead singing at events ranging from peace rallies to dance camps, kids camps, conferences, gatherings and local monthly chanting sessions. I share songs that can light folks up and let them find new ways to see and feel the wonder of their lives and the world around them. So there!

Shannon O'Connor
CONTACT: or 968-4282
LATEST CD: Shannon O'Connor, available at local music stores and at shows
FILE UNDER: Gillian Welch, Mazzy Star, Trailer Bride, Lucinda Williams

I truly love to perform, and usually am very well received by audiences at all kinds of venues---my songs are unique, but accessible, soulful, sometimes funny, often sexy and catchy. I've sold many CDs on the spot just by playing it where I work at Time After Time.


LATEST CD: Ameliorate is Staying Home, available at local music store
FILE UNDER: Some songs are inspired by Thinkin Fellers and some by ladies like Ethel Waters or The Boswell Sisters

I write a lot of songs based on books and essays. Ameliorate consists of 4-track recordings I try to recreate on stage with loops from my drumkit and echo pedals, and sometimes there are special guests. I don't really land in one place, as some songs are layers of drums with distorted toy instruments with talking and yelling, and some songs are just guitar with (hopefully) pretty vocal harmonies. Often there has been slides or stage artwork incorporated.

Ben Davis
LATEST CD: The Hushed Patterns Of Relief, available at School Kids, CD Alley and online
FILE UNDER: Early Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, Built to Spill

A group collaboration beginning from simple songs Ben Davis writes. Twenty people, including many local stars (from Des Ark, Fin Fang Foom, Engine Down, Jennyanykind, The Comas) contribute to the upcoming release, Aided and Abetted, which is the second on Lovitt records. East Coast tour to come in fall 2003.

John Millard
CONTACT: or 957-1414
FILE UNDER: Maybe Elvis Costello, but that's probably wishful, and likely inaccurate, thinking.

I play acoustic covers predominantly and regularly play clubs and parties. My strengths include my wide and varied song catalog, from the '60s through today, and my ability to improvise. I do my best to honor requests and make sure there's something for everyone in my sets. I love to play the songs that make people ask, "Who did that song?"

Joshua Zaslow
CONTACT: or PO Box 575 Carrboro, NC 27510
FILE UNDER: Chet Baker

Playing pop and jazz standards at Europa Turka and beyond

Raymond J. Warden
CONTACT: 834-9280 or 817 Hillsborough St., Apt. B303 Raleigh, NC 27603
FILE UNDER: Thelonius Monk, Edge, Andy Summers, John Coltrane, some say Wes Montgomery

Raymond J. Warden performs intimate original music for solo guitar. The music is a culmination of classical and jazz stylings presented via structured guitar pieces and improvisational excursions ... The thought provoking sounds provide the perfect backdrop for art galleries/openings, restaurants, coffee shops and private affairs.

Sandra Covin
LATEST CD: Life of the South, available online
FILE UNDER: John Fahey, Jimi Hendrix

As a woman solo guitarist playing complex, lyrical, instrumental fingerstyle compositions loud, with distortion, and with a lot of feeling, I am breaking the stereotype of the "girl with guitar."


Terry Tickle and the Swing City Big Band
LATEST CD: Swingasaurus Rex, available line through
FILE UNDER: Dancebands of the Miller, Dorsey style

We have a good national following among big band radio stations and have been featured on NPR's "One Night Stand" and on Chicago's WDBC plus international play. Locally we are primarily a country club, wedding band.

Lulu and the Lounge Lizards
LATEST CD: Let's Swing, available online and at shows

Lulu and the Lounge Lizards, a musical group based in the Triangle, specialize in hot jazzy swing tunes, passionate "my man done me wrong" torch songs and "get down" blues. This lively group features vintage jazz and swing from the 1930s and 1940s, music made popular by greats such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Fats Waller. They perform at Triangle and Piedmont swing dances, LEAF and other festivals, wedding receptions and torch song performances.

Traditional and Alt-Country

Bill and Libby Hicks
CONTACT: or 742-3418
LATEST CD: Bill & Libby Hicks: South of Nowhere, available online at, and
FILE UNDER: Buddy and Julie Miller, Louvin Bros, Nichols and May

We tour nationally and play regionally as well -- local gigs include NC Art Museum (with Red Clay Ramblers), Pittsboro General Store Cafe, Bynum Store, Triangle Country Dance Society, the Cave, the Open Eye, weddings and parties -- have a full sound system where needed. If you created a pigeon-hole called "acoustic roots/fusion," that might catch us.

Caitlin Cary
LATEST CD: Tres Chicas, along with Tonya Lamm (Hazeldine) and Lynn Blakey (Glory Fountain). Duets with Thad Cockrell, available at recored stores, online and shows.

I try my level best to write songs that seem real and true, and to make music that doesn't try to fit easily into any particular genre. I love my band because they are willing to follow me down any road, and because they work really hard to help me deliver my songs genuinely and with passion. Together, I'd like to think we do something rare and good.

Chatham County Line
LATEST CD: Chatham County Line, available at local music stores and online.
FILE UNDER: The Del McCoury Band, the Bluegrass Boys, the Kentucky Colonels, the Country Gentlemen, John Hartford, the Jayhawks

We are an all-acoustic outfit that plays our amplified shows with one microphone in the old AM style. We hope that what our shows lack in fidelity is made up for in showmanship. The live show is one that respects and pays tribute to the masters that have gone before without being too "Hee-Haw."

Crooked Smile Band
LATEST CD: Debut, available online at
FILE UNDER: Hank Williams Sr.'s and The Rolling Stones' Love Child

Crooked Smile Band (CSB) is a diverse group of established musicians assembled from several of the Triangle's finest bands. CSB brandishes its own unique blend of high-energy roots-rock described by one music writer as "Hank Sr. meets the Stones."

Dakota Rain
CONTACT: Perry Howell at 424-9777
LATEST CD: Demo CD, available on Web site
FILE UNDER: Any top country band

This band contains some truly gifted musicians who love to do what they do. The band can handle many styles of music and are well adapted for different audiences. We play in the country club scene and are a great opening or headlining act.

Durham Rangers Old Time String Band
CONTACT: 286-9275
LATEST CD: Walltown Reverie, available at shows and by phone
FILE UNDER: Skillet Lickers, Blafa Brothers, Cannon's Jug Stompers

Since 1976 we have been the most punctual string band in the southeast. We play traditional mountain music of North Carolina, Viriginia, West Virigina, Tennessee, Kentucky, French Lousiana (Cajun music, sung in French) and down-home blues (one of the very few acoustic blues bands). We learned directly through oral transmission of the folk process, from the late great legendary masters of Southern rural music -- in person. We entertain at private social functions.

Emily Waszak
CONTACT:, P.O. Box 152, Bynum, N.C. 27228
FILE UNDER: Gillian Welch

Unique, original songs rooted in traditional music. Brand New Vintage will be released in September 2003.

Flat Stanley
FILE UNDER: Wilco, the Doors, Jane's Addiction

Flat Stanley is all about a good time. We are known in Greensboro for our onstage banter and are not afraid to get the audience involved. We intercut this in our shows with original songs about the insanity in life. Our act has gone over best in the bar scene, but we also were hired to play at Emerald Pointe Water Park (Jerry yelled "shark" at one point and we have not been asked back.)

Grand National
LATEST CD: "Money and Love" featured on Yep Rock Revival Vol. 2, available online

Starring Ed "HeUsedToBeFamous" Crawford on lead guitar and vocal. Rhythm section Jenn and Laura. Tour with Mike Watt on occasion. E.C. and Jenni Snyder used to be in Whiskeytown. Past drummers have been Jon Wurster (Superchunk) & John Howie Jr.

LATEST CD: Lucky Rabbit's Foot, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Steve Earle, Uncle Tupelo, Gillian Welch

Hooverville is fronted by three songwriters each with his own distinct sensibility and voice. Hooverville blends the vocals together in a tight, harmony style inspired by the brother-acts of early bluegrass but set against honky-tonk, roots-rock and other Americana music. Hooverville primarily plays at clubs, festivals and house concerts.

Jon Shain Trio
LATEST CD: No Tag, No Tail Light available at local music stores and online
FILE UNDER: The Band, John Hiatt, Hot Tuna, David Bromberg

"Since his Flyin' Mice days, Jon Shain has been turning heads with his vocals, a cross between John Hiatt and Steve Forbert, and his mean, lean finger-picking. Changing genres as easily as changing his shoes, Shain's music has always seemed to bubble up from deep within, flowing smoothly ansd easily." -- Grant Britt, ESP magazine, Greensboro.

Kickin Grass
CONTACT: or 795-8776
LATEST CD: Backroads, available at local music stores, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Mountain Heart, Open Road, Chatham County Line, Steep Canyon Rangers

Kickin Grass is a high-energy bluegrass band with tight vocal harmony and driving instrumentation. They incorporate standard bluegrass tunes, non-traditional rock and country classics and a number of can't get 'em out of yer head originals into their entertaining sets. They recently won the 2003 Best Band In Raleigh competition hosted by the Guitar Center and Hibernian Pub, and were named "Best Band Name" in the Independent Weekly.

Pine State
LATEST CD: Pine State's Mellow Madness/Rollin' with the Low Rollers, two-CD set available online
FILE UNDER: Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Pussy Galore, Merle Haggard, Bob Wills, Geto Boys

The sound of early honky tonk accompanied by the smashing of material objects.

LATEST CD: Stillhouse "Live at Budokan," available at shows
FILE UNDER: Crazy Horse, the Jayhawks, Carl and the Passions, George Harrison, the Faces

This band plays very few shows due to its member's varying schedules. They like to rock hard and loud live and can take you from Gram Parson's Country to Crazy Horse madness with a turn of the down beat. Look for a studio record around the first of next year.

The Brown Mountain Lights
Latest CD: Late Show At the Cave, available at local music stores, online and shows
FILE UNDER: Buddy and Julie Miller, Continental Drifters, Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds

BML is a bunch of local music veterans who love American roots music and harmony vocals --they call the result "twang-pop." The band is blessed with two superb songwriters in Janet Place and Jeff Hart. BML fits easily into almost any setting -- clubs, coffeehouses, weddings, parties, festivals. The songwriting is strong, the band is tight, the vocals are gorgeous -- check 'em out.

Miss Xanna Don't
LATEST CD: The Cowboy Chronicles, available online
FILE UNDER: The Wristslashers -- weepy, creepy cabaret

Boston Herald: "The Country Queen of Boston"; Girls-World 2000: "The Grande Dame of Austin Music"; Austin American-Statesman: "Austin's Underground Country Queen." Recently relocated to Raleigh.

Joe Swank & the Zen Pirates
FILE UNDER: Shaver, Kinky Friedman, Jason & the Scorchers

We play mostly originals. Covers tend to be classic country amped up to a rock-ish level. Outlaw style music with a southern rock edge. Lots of killing and drinking. Swank has two previous CDs --The MoJoDeans and Cowpunk. Recording in October.

Pawnshop Ruby
LATEST CD: Mary Johnson, Says the Water, available at Schoolkids Records, select Borders Music stores and shows
FILE UNDER: Patti Griffin, the Be-Good Tanyas

Unique lyrics and velvety harmonies have brought us praise and recognition in close but widening circles, performances at small venues, large fundraising concerts, private parties, and weddings. Recently we named our group "Pawnhsop Ruby" after appearing for many years under Mary Johnson's solo name. Our general sound is one of rootsy, smooth comfort with an edge, but we've been known to "branch out" on request, even covering an AC/DC tune or two.

Thad Cockrell
LATEST CD: Stack of Dreams, available at local music stores and online

Two Dollar Pistols
CONTACT:; other e-mails accessible from Web site
LATEST CD: You Ruined Everything, available at local record stores, online and shows

Trailer Bride
CONTACT: 545-9006
LATEST CD: Hope is a Thing with Feathers, available local record stores or even better at shows.


Mystic Balafon Ensemble
CONTACT: or 336-340-3082
LATEST CD: Mystic Balafon Ensemble, available via e-mail or at shows

MBE is a collection of musicians with a deep love and respect for the traditional music of West Africa and Cuba. Those members who are not from Africa have either studied there or in Cuba. We always perform in costume, and can include dance and instruction in a performance. MBE performs at festivals, universities, public schools, weddings and clubs.

Different Drum
CONTACT: 491-5089,
LATEST CD: Nourishment, available online
FILE UNDER: A cross between the Canadian Brass and the Flying Karamazoff Brothers ... but we don't juggle

Led by award-winning composer Alex Weiss, Different Drum blends the sound of Africa and the Americas with Jazz.

Magnolia Klezmer Band
CONTACT: Elliot Mills at
LATEST CD: Dixie Diaspora, available at
FILE UNDER: Klezmer Conservatory Band

Magnolia has played Cat's Cradle, Carrboro ArtsCenter, Worldfest, International festivals, community celebrations including weddings and parties -- always giving its lively original sound of Eastern Europe Jewish music combined with American dixieland and swing.

Mappamundi ("Map of the World")
CONTACT: Jane Peppler 383-8952
LATEST CD: World Music Our Way, available online and at shows

More-or-less traditional music from the Northern Hemisphere and the Previous Millennium, including British Isles, Western and Eastern Europe, klezmer and Israeli, Swing for listening and dancing, contradances, general folk, old-time and early North Carolina. Concerts, festivals, weddings, bnei mitzvot, etc.

LATEST CD: Jaafar, available at Temple Ball Gallery in Carrboro, online and at shows
FILE UNDER: Shakti, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jonas Hellborg

Jaafar has a weekly gig at BAKUS on 9th St. in Durham on Saturday from 7-10pm. Jaafar is a fusion of the eastern influence with a western jazz approach. Troy the bass player studied abroad in Egypt, and is joined by Naji from Lebanon, Soner from Turkey, Vishnu from India, Antonio is from Chile. It is an eclectic world sound expanding the sound of jazz.


21st Records
ROSTER: Pauly Snubnoze, Aron Spliff, Charlye Cockpit, D.R.C., Cappello, JR-Bostick
LATEST RELEASE: Pauly Snubnoze, Victimology
DEMOS: E-mail

BiFocal Media
CONTACT: PO BOX 50106, Raleigh, 27650-0106
ROSTER: Braid, Crash Smash Explode, Des_Ark, Goner, Herblohi, The Hichass, The Ladderbach, Legend of the Overfiend, The Party of Helicopters, The Secret Life of Machines, Serotonin, Utah!
LATEST RELEASE: The Kickass, Death Metal Is For Pussies
DEMOS: Send to PO BOX 50106, Raleigh, 27650

Deep South Records
ROSTER: Belmont Playboys, Cigar Store Indians, Collapsis, Far Too Jones, Fe26, Flashpoint, the Floyds, the Grapes, the Marvelous 3, Mr. Henry, Nickel Slots, 9811, various compilations
DEMOS: Mail to Steve Williams at P.O. Box 17737, Raleigh, 27619

While Deep South releases full-length recordings for major artists, they primarily issue industry compilations to major labels.

Demonbeach Records
ROSTER: Adult Film Makers, Bad Checks, Butchwax, Clifton Lee Mann with Chris Jones, Daddy, Dexter Romweber, Dragship Syndicate, the Ghost of Rock, the Loners, Proof, the Spinns, Transportation
LATEST RELEASE: Transportation 7" EP
DEMOS: Demonbeach Records, PO Box 6693, Raleigh, 27628

Harmonized Records
CONTACT: Lee Crumption at
ROSTER: Lotus, Perpetual Groove, the Motet, the Codetalkers, Ten Ton Chicken, Garaj Mahal,
LATEST RELEASE: Lotus, Germination
DEMOS: Mail demos to P.O. Box 340 Mebane, 27302

Merge Records
Contact: or 688-9969
ROSTER: Includes Spoon, Superchunk, Lambchop, Buzzcocks, M Ward, Crooked Fingers,The Clientele, The Clean, Matt Suggs, East River Pipe, Karl Hendricks Trio, The Essex Green, Pram, The Rosebuds, The Ladybug Transistor, Radar Brothers, Destroyer, Imperial Teen, Portastatic, Shark Quest, Pram, Matt Elliott
LATEST RELEASE: Superchunk, Cup Of Sand and Matt Suggs, Amigo Row
DEMOS: Merge Records attn: A&R, PO Box 1235, Chapel Hill, 27514

Moon Caravan Records
CONTACT: or 783-9236
ROSTER: Milargo Saints, Milton, Deerfrance, Jolei, Ernie Brooks, Steven Hall
LATEST RELEASE: Milton, Milton
DEMOS: Please call or e-mail first

OMS Records
ROSTER: Benny Martin, Vassar Clements, Bobby Osborne, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves, Johnny Russell, Pam Gadd, Bill Henry, Billly Troy, Glen Duncan, Jeannie Seely, Dale Holly
LATEST RELEASE: Doyle Holly Together Again
DEMOS: Does not accept demos

Pox World Empire
ROSTER: Jett Rink, the Sames, Gerty
LATEST RELEASE: Jett Rink EP, available at local record stores and online
DEMOS: Contact via e-mail before submitting a demo

Silber Records
CONTACT: PO Box 18062, Raleigh, 27619
ROSTER: Aarktica, Clang Quartet, If Thousands, Jamie Barnes, Kobi, Land of Nod, Max Soren, My Glass Beside Yours, Origami Arktika, Pale Horse and Rider, Peter Aldrich,Remora, Rivulets, Rollerball, Small Life Form, Vlor
LATEST RELEASE: Clang Quartet, The Separation of Church & Hate
DEMOS: PO Box 18062, Raleigh, 27619

Silent Planet Records
ROSTER: Aaron Sprinkle, Brooks Williams, Jan Krist, Terry Scott Taylor, John Fischer, Phil Madeira, Jerry and Lisa Smith, Matt Auten, Steve Black, Skatman Meredith, Rick Unruh
LATEST RELEASE: Jim Reilly, Return of Buddy Cruel
DEMOS: Send demos/bios/promotional kits to 6300-138 Creedmoor Rd., Suite 260 Raleigh, 27612

SonofFace Records
ROSTER: James Mason
LATEST RELEASE: James Mason, Carnival Sky
DEMOS: e-mail before sending in demos

Sugar Hill Records
ROSTER: Acoustic Syndicate, Terry Allen, Alan Bibey, BlueRidge, Ronnie Bowman, Guy Clark, Grey DeLisle, Jerry Douglas, The Gibson Brothers, The Gourds, Aubrey Haynie, Sonny Landreth, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Scott Miller, Jim Mills, Nashville Bluegrass Band, Nickel Creek, Tim O'Brien, Maura O'Connell, Dolly Parton, Railroad Earth, Reckless Kelly, Don Rigsby, Bryan Sutton, Chris Thile, Greg Trooper, Sean Watkins, Doc Watson, Jesse Winchester
LATEST RELASE: Terry Allen, Amerasia
DEMOS: Sugar Hill does not accept unsolicited materials

Undifinable Rekerds
CONTACT: or 841-9579
ROSTER: AV, Baamphf!!, Black Sky Radius, C.A.B. Life, Cam-Zen, DJ UK, the Human Condition and Shiver
LATEST RELEASE: Undifinable Blows 2003 compilation
DEMOS: Send to Undifinable Rekerds, P.O. Box 166 Suite 119, 6675 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, 27615

Venge Records
ROSTER: Filth Amendment, more forthcoming
LATEST RELEASE: Filth Amendment, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
DEMOS: Send to PO Box 1367, Chapel Hill, 25514

Yep Roc Records/ Bonfire Records/The Redeye Label
ROSTER: Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, The Bigger Lovers, Doyle Bramhall, Caitlin Cary, Chatham County Line, Thad Cockrell, Countdown Quartet, The Forty-Fives, The Fleshtones, Claire Holley, The Iguanas, Los Straitjackets, Nick Lowe, Mayflies USA, Minus 5, Jason Ringenberg, The Sadies, Steep Canyon Rangers, Paul Weller, Tony Williamson
LATEST RELEASE: Claire Holley, Dandelion and Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, It's Time!
DEMOS: We do not accept unsolicited demos


Bluefield Mastering, Inc.
CONTACT: Jeff Carroll at or 859-0102
RATES: Call for rates
WORKED WITH: My Dear Ella, The Weigh

The bulk of our work is mastering rock records in the analog domain. But we also master pop, bluegrass, old time, rap, gospel, country, classical, folk, spoken word and perform audio restoration and archival type transfers. Free consultations/evaluations of your mixes before the mastering session. Samples of our work are available upon request.

Duck Kee Studio
CONTACT: Jerry Kee at or 304-3759
RATES: $250/day or $40/hour
WORKED WITH: Kingsbury Manx, Dana Kletter, Eyes to Space

Twenty-four tracks on 2" tape. No stress environment. I want to help musicians get the best recording that they can get.

Overdub Lane Recording
CONTACT: 309-0838
RATES: $75/hour, $650/day (10 hrs.)
WORKED WITH: Squirrel Nut Zippers, John Hartford, Atheneaum, The Butchies, Caitlin Cary, Chatham County Line, Far Too Jones, Flat Duo Jets, Hobex, Jamie Anderson, Jump Little Children, Roman Candle, Meat Puppets, Nneenna Freelon, Snatches of Pink, Superchunk

Overdub Lane was designed and built by Wes Lachot, who is known coast-to-coast for the acoustical accuracy of his recording, mixing and mastering rooms.

Ponchartrain Audio
CONTACT: Jay Murphy at or 672-0287
RATES: Media costs (Tape, Tape rental, DVD-R, CD-R), $20/hr--cheaper block rates
WORKED WITH: Cantwell Gomez and Jordan, The Butchies, Choose Your Own Adventure, Sirens, Razzle, Kaia Wilson, Torch Marauder

1100-square-foot. tracking room with 12-15-foot ceilings in a converted woodworking shop. Chill country setting. Coffee, salad, cats. Relax, make a record ...

RATES: Room2b charges its time at $50/hour or $300/day, including recordist/engineer and all necessary gear. Fixed rates are available and negotiated based on the particulars of each project. Room2b gives a 10-percent discount across the board for audio and video production that authorizes use of resulting content in environmental education projects.
MINIMUM STUDIO TIME: One hour setup time, one hour tracking
WORKED WITH: The Silos, Fly Agaric, Jeff Sebens

Excellent live music recording and location sound-for-video capacity; full digital music editing and soundtrack production capacity; video kit available. The priority for this studio is on music, video and images that, in one way or another, help to make us aware of the environmental consequences of our actions. But, studio time permitting, it's also a comfortable place to do any demos or cut tracks for commercial music or soundtracks.

Spacelab Recording Studio
CONTACT: Chris Rossi, or 403-5502
RATES: Call for rates
WORKED WITH: Cold Sides, Eerie Choir, Buck's De Luxe, Jeff Hart

Relaxed comfortable environment and 1/2" 8 Track analog multitrack synched to unlimited track digital DAW. Large multiroom house. Big ears.


American Federation of Musicians, Local 500

Chartered in 1908, the Professional Musicians' Association is eastern North Carolina's local union of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. Local 500's jurisdiction is allocated by county and includes Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Jacksonville, Goldsboro, Greenville, Wilson and Rocky Mount. Membership is open to all qualified musicians -- professionals who work part-time or full-time in pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, folk or other areas of music making. Applications are available online.

Event Sound Sound System Rentals
CONTACT: John at 942-4236

Experienced live show engineer and sound system available for hire. Professional gear and good ears at an affordable price. Available for live bands, public address and do-it-yourself DJ'ing at receptions and corporate events. Condensor Mics, Symetrix Compression/Gating, QSC Power, Lexicon Reverb, etc. Reasonable rates.

Friends of World Music
CONTACT: or 787-2798

We are a tax-exempt, non-profit, all volunteer organization that brings world music and dance to the Triangle area. Friends of World Music supports local as well as international performers of world music and dance, and its programs help people understand the many cultures of the world. Funding comes from an occasional grant and from its members. If you would like to become a member or would like more information about us, please call 787-2798 or e-mail us.

The Larry Pickett Entertainment Company

Among numerous services offered -- from event planning to CD duplication -- LPEC has also been making music videos for band for the last four years.

Mad Science Works
CONTACT: Yontz Sucre at or 848-8257 This is a service facility in North Raleigh, specializing in the best of amplifier and electronic instrument repair, both tube and solid state. We do everything from the simplest repair to the most major electronic restoration of just about anything.

Morgans Entertainment Productions
CONTACT: Steve Morgan or 252-973-4184

Provides DJ services for all types of events. We specialize in DJ/MC services for wedding receptions and after rehearsal parties.

Musical Athlete Enterprises
CONTACT: Audrey Moore at or 878-7270

The Triangle's female pro DJ and Sound Engineer. More than 20 years experience as both a DJ and Sound Engineer including radio, clubs, corporate and private parties, weddings, luaus, reunions and for a variety of music and bands. Friendly, intuitive, experienced, reliable and professional.

Streetcookie (CD Duplication)
CONTACT: or 272-1214
PAY RATE: Single CDs for $1.70 printed and duplicated, 25 CDs printed and duplicated for $40, 100 CDs printed and duplicated in jewel cases for $150. Packages available, price goes down as quantity goes up
COPY MINIMUM: No minimum quantity
GRAPHICS CAPABILITY: Provides both Thermal and Inkjet ON CD Printing and double-sided front one panel inserts
WORKED WITH: Twilighter, Project Mastana, NRCA Choir

We are a new service, but so far have had great success making our customers happy, and making a highly desired service for musicians, artists and others affordable.

Zelkana music, Inc. (ASCAP)
CONTACT: or 416-9454

Music publisher specialized in world music and roots music. Licenses music to other label and places songs in TV shows, commercials and movies. Artists seeking music publisher representation should send their original recordings to: Zelkana Music, PO Box 62043, Durham, 27715.

The Collective for Independent Hip Hop

The Collective for Independent Hip Hop brings together Triangle-area fans to help promote and further the hip-hop scene. Democratically, the collective chooses artists to bring to town, sharing the work between volunteering members. We invite you to support the local hip hop scene by joining the collective's list-serv, which can be subscribed to via our Web site.

Duck on Bike
WEB is a site devoted to providing a home for area independent music in various formats on the Internet. Most music is provided in MP3 format. DuckOnBike also produces a semi-regular Internet radio show featuring live performances from Independent bands via RealAudio.


Guitar town is a discussion group geared toward Triangle alt-country and Americana music.

An online magazine reporting on area music, also features message boards geared toward the needs of area musicians.

North Carolina Songwriters Cooperative

North Carolina Songwriters Co-op (NCSC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support and promotion of songwriters in the state of North Carolina. The NCSC assists new and established songwriters by providing a nurturing, supportive environment, resources for self-promotion and marketing information and by holding workshops designed to enhance songwriting and performing skills.

Triangle Future Music

The Web site is an online forum for local DJs, producers, and devotees of electronic music. Anyone can read and share information about upcoming shows, gear, techniques and new songs.

Triangle Rock

A combination of both a best-bets column and local music resource guide, lists shows of interests and details about the bands on a weekly basis. The list is also posted on the ch-scene mailing list and the newsgroup.

World Music Central

A site dedicated to world music news, information, and resources. Our definition of world music includes roots music of any kind: traditional, contemporary folk, world fusion, cross cultural sounds, Celtic, Latin, blues, bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco, etc.

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