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In only a year together, Raleigh's all-girl trio The Pink Slips has covered some impressive ground. They've written a band theme song, played a handful of high-profile bills in town, and recorded a promising first outing with Ken Mosher and Robert Sledge. The debut EP--an eight-song, 17-minute foot tapper--moves from the effortlessly bright-eyed pop of "New Crush" to the riot grrrl boy-dissing of "Complainer." The newly minted trio--shaped by drummer Elizabeth Hammond, bassist and songwriter Leigh Fox and guitarist Beth Turner in response to a "Musician Wanted" notice in the Independent Weekly--holds its own with the most straightforward material it has to offer: "New Crush" is a pop gem that would make Anna Waronker (and her father) giddy, and the opening "Hey Hey" thrusts along with a downtown swagger afforded by serious classic rock schooling. The flair of the songs sometimes disappears behind sheets of D.I.Y. attitude that obfuscates Fox's most charming ditties ("Nine to Five Nights") and her most witty thoughts ("Someone slap me in the face with a helping hand").

The disc's has a strong ending; a three-piece breakup suite anchored by the danceable and demanding "Angry Song." Somehow, the words "I want to yell at you!" have never managed to sound so damn seductive.

You can see this band live Saturday night at Kings as they help The Bleeding Hearts celebrate their new release.

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