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Those wacky freeform DJ's from Jersey City's WFMU radio station have become masters of what might be called the "avant-gag," available 24-hours-a-day not only in the New York area, but on the internet at With this release, they have assembled a little box-set sampling of short DJ rants, spliced absurdist tape dubs, a bit of musique concrete, cheesy synthesizer drum-beat masterpieces, and other ephemera. Supposedly put out by the faux-label "Smith & Wessonian Folkways," it's a collection that would make Moe Asch proud! Gently parodying his Folkways Records releases, such as Sounds of North American Tree Frogs, the three 33 1/3 mini-phonograph records and extensive liner notes explore, "The Biological Significance of Those Voices in Your Head, Conceived, Narrated and Documented, with Field Recordings by WFMU, with the cooperation of Our Listeners." It's funny stuff, and ethnographically authentico!

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