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A double album of love and hate, assembled like the famous fist rings of Radio Raheem in Do The Right Thing. Andre3000 brings the freaknik funk; Big Boi brings the playa cool. Affirmation and negation, heating it up and keeping it ice cold, love and hate, all mixed up until the respect and the suspect are intermingled beyond separation. The two discs are a sprawling affair, but the hit single alone is worth the double-CD price tag. Heard one way, Andre's "Hey Ya!" is the sound of hip-hop gone Casio-keyboard indie-rock. Heard another, it's a three-feet-high-and-rising summer vacation rump-shake bash for the fall. Plus, 3000 gets credit for one of the best come-on lines heard in a long time: "Alright ladies...Now I wanna see y'all on your baddest behavior/ Lend me some sugar!/ I am your neighbor, aaaah!"

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