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Smug Revisionism

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We've got lots more commentary on our November 16 special issue on Donald Trump's election in the queue, so let's blast through it, shake off this foreboding malaise, and welcome the final month of this godforsaken year with eggnog in hand and a smile on our faces.

On Jeffrey C. Billman's piece, ["I Got It Wrong"], Mike Moore writes: "I was really worried when I started reading this that the left might actually be engaging in real introspection and looking at what they had done to a large segment of the population. Fortunately, I can see that you are still engaging in smug revisionism and retrenching your lines of smug elitism. You had me fooled for a minute there!"

Lauratee rises to Billman's defense: "This is beautiful. If one thinks the editorial smug, this is the problem with not being a critical thinker. Simple, broad, unrealistic, and often prejudiced 'solutions' are all this type can understand. And they can't be expected to understand why this article is so spot on. Depressing!"

Commenter nyiregyhazilany—guessing that's a pen name—is angry: "First of all, everyone can find culpable the people on the Republican side for this disaster, but if we are honest, the people we should be most upset with are the six million to eight million who voted previously for Obama but for some stupid, misconstrued conscience and other bullshit reason didn't find Hillary as pure as snow and didn't go to vote or voted for some shit protest candidate, the ones who believed all the garbage the Republicans spewed. Our glorious, 'educated' millennials, virtuous, uncompromising lefties, who decided to vote for their conscience or not vote at all, without any conscious thought of the consequences, gave the steering wheel to these elements. Where was the outcry to understand the consequences of choosing the Supreme Court judge, the future of EPA, climate change, human/civil rights, etc.? No. I am sick of blaming the other side but not accepting how little we have done to demand from our so-called liberal media or politicians to give us a clear picture of what is realistic and reasonable to achieve. How did Hillary, with close to a 70 percent approval rating by both parties [before running for president], become a pariah, instead of the role model to all the women and young girls, as the picture of shining persistence, even when a male-dominant society slung mud relentlessly?"

Responding to Brian Howe's essay ["Poor White Man"], Eric Knight writes: "I think we've been distracted into thinking so lowly of poor whites so as not to focus our attention on the system that benefits from their poverty and ignorance. Liberals gave into growth-at-all-cost economics because the system worked relatively well for many of us, blinding us to alternatives that would uplift poor Americans of all racial and geographic backgrounds."

Meanwhile, George Keen argues that our issue overlooked how terrible Trump's opponent was. "I read your latest issue condemning Trump and telling all that can read that we as a nation are doomed," he writes. "I have a hard time understanding how it is that you don't really understand just what kind of person Hillary Clinton really is. Please educate yourselves on her background and at least know who you are so strongly supporting. I am not a Trump supporter myself, but knowing what I do about Clinton, I am much more able to live with this outcome. Be careful standing so far left that you forget how to learn the reality of life. Whoever is running and paying for your paper must be an ignorant person to allow such misinformation to be published."

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