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Signs of the times


Everybody's got a cause. One woman I recently observed at the intersection of U.S. 15-501 and Erwin Road seems to possess the fire concerning the issue of homelessness and personal responsibility. I was stuck behind her Ford Explorer at the stoplight when I noticed the sign proudly displayed on the rear windshield (just above the NRA sticker) which read, "Bums choose not to work. Get a job."

A moment after I noticed the sign, shouting and cackling came from the front of her car. Much to the woman's good fortune, a homeless man happened to be working that corner. She reached over to her passenger seat for a ready-made sign similar in message to the one on the windshield. Waving it violently at the man, she brayed her mantra: "Get a job! Get a job!"

I think she's on to something. Heckling people with whom you disagree may just be the ticket to spur them into positive action. I've been hard at work on my own signs targeting my gun-toting, SUV-driving friend. I'll be driving around Chapel Hill in my VW Jetta eagerly awaiting the moment I see her again and can proudly display the sign bearing my new motto: "Get a life, freak!"

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