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Sometimes, being a critic of local bands blows. I don't want to be a back-slappin' champion of all things local, no matter how turd-like. Yet as a musician, I know how hard it is to get a record recorded and released. However, in these DIY times, getting people interested in your music is no real hindrance to putting out an album. This results in more crap than there has ever been in the history of music, since any determined "artist" or group can affordably record their musical meanderings for all posterity, kind of like vanity publishing.

Ergo, there are many records that simply should not exist. Accepting this as a truth, more questions reveal themselves:

What standards should local artists be held to? If the emperor truly is naked (and has a big zit on his butt to boot) should it be pointed out or should the record be allowed--unremarked upon--to sink quietly into obscurity? Will it damage the "scene" if local releases aren't fussed over and coddled? Finally, if all local albums are found to be equally "amazing," are critics engaging in meaningless piffle-fests?

That said, I'll try to dispense the Sharking Teeth record with a merciful bullet to the brain: It really should have stayed a cassette that the band gave to their friends or sold to fans at their shows. The sound quality is awful, the songs aren't there, and it does no justice to the guys who played on it (bassist Joe Caparo--who drums on this outing--has been in a lot of cool projects over the years). What were they thinking? Who did they make this record for?

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