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Sen. Elizabeth Dole's 2007 voting record


NO votes

On the war
HR 1591: Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2007 (March 29, 2007)
Provide $98 billion more for the "war on terror" (and $5 billion for Katrina cleanup), on provision that most American forces will be redeployed out of Iraq by March 31, 2008, with a limited number of troops remaining.

On labor
HR 800, cloture vote: Union Organization Bill (June 26, 2007)
Pro-labor bill would amend the National Labor Relations Act to eliminate a requirement for a vote to organize a labor union, allowing unions to gain bargaining rights by signatures from a majority of workers. A "yes" vote would have ended a filibuster and allowed the bill to pass with 51 votes.

On oil companies
S 3044, cloture vote: Windfall profits tax on oil companies
Called for a 25 percent tax on oil company profits due to run-up in gasoline prices, with deductions for oil company investments in alternative energy production. Vote was cut off filibuster, allow the bill to pass with 51 votes.

YES votes

On abortion funding
HR 3043, Amendment 3330: Prohibiting Funds for Groups that Perform Abortions (October 18, 2007)
Vote to amend the human services appropriations bill to bar funds to organizations that perform abortions when a woman's life is not in danger, unless the organization is a hospital.

On Medicare funding
HR 6331, veto override: Medicare Bill
Bill expanded Medicare coverage for various programs; President Bush, who wanted providers' fees cut by up to 10 percent, had vetoed it. This was a vote to override the Bush veto.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole's ratings

NARAL (pro-choice rights): 0% (2006-07)

National Right-to-Life: 100% (2005-06)

Citizens for Tax Justice (progressive tax policies): 0% (2005-06)

National Tax Limitation Committee (cut taxes): A+ (2008)

American Conservative Union: 100% (2007)

AFL-CIO: 17% (2007)

AFL-CIO: 33% (2006)

League of Conservation Voters (environmentalists): 7% (2007)

Children's Defense Fund: 40% (2007)

Gun Owners of America: 100% (2005-06)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: 82% (2007)

National Federation of Independent Business (small businesses): 100% (2005-06)

Source: Project Vote Smart

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