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When: Aug. 15-Sept. 3 2012

There are degrees of eccentricity. At one level, it's amusingly odd. At the next level it can either startle or pitch into an off-putting contrivance. And then there's eccentricity that busts the top off the meter and shows you another place. Selenotropic might just take you there. This exhibition brings together the visual work of former Squirrel Nut Zipper Katharine Whalen, who's about to release a new album, and Cedar Grove-based Chance Murray, who might be David Lynch's lost son. The artists, who discovered they both possess antique dictionaries re-covered with brown corduroy, provide this definition for the show's title, which also gives a sense of their collective sensibility: "Curving or turning toward the moon: said of certain growing plant-organs which under favorable conditions are influenced in the direction of their growth by moonlight." Wednesday's opening runs 5:30–8 p.m.; the exhibition runs through Sept. 3 at Outsiders, 718-C Iredell St., before moving to the Carrack Modern Art Gallery in downtown Durham Sept. 22–30. —Chris Vitiello

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