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Sean Boog's Light Beers Ahead of You

(It's a Wonderful World Music Group/ Jamla)



"Took 4 years, 2 plates of food and 6 hrs. of convo, but we squashed it...," said Phonte Coleman recently via Twitter, regarding his long-standing feud with former Little Brother partner 9th Wonder. That likely doesn't mean we'll be seeing any glimpse of a full-fledged Little Brother/ Justus League resurgence anytime soon. It should serve as a reminder, though, that one active unit remains from those promising Justus League days, The Away Team. Rapper Sean Boog will be damned if he lets his name be buried.

For the entirety of Boog's career, he's been spoiled by his position as one-half of The Away Team, a duo whose other half, Khrysis, is the state's prime-rib beat-provider. Fortunately, as part of 9th Wonder's IWW/Jamla outfit, Boog has surrounded himself with a diverse section of producers known as The Soul Council (9th, E.Jones, AMP, KA$H, Eric G). On Light Beers Ahead of You, several song-length sabbaticals finally push Boog from beneath his longtime producer's wing.

The only contestant to capture Boog's inherent grit is The Soul Council newcomer Eric G. On three tracks, he wrangles Boog's fearless hostility, usually best captured on the acidic Khrysis beats. While we wait for Boog and Khrysis to give us their third The Away Team LP, Scars and Stripes, we're happily agitated by another round of our beloved and cranky Boog—a praiseworthy, irritated rapper fueled by first-class beats, nonbelievers and cheap beer.

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