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School supply serenade


The ordered chaos of transition to back-to-school is a family right of passage. That first week is something just to get through. With two kids, in two different school systems, starting three weeks apart, our house has been in a sustained state of want lists and calendar spreadsheets.

But we "needed" one last trip to Office Max for a messenger bag and some "special" pens. Picking up the girls after school one afternoon, tossing backpacks, lunch bags, sports sacks and ever-present extra layers of clothes into the back seat, we set off.

Of course, a 10 minute errand turned into a 45-minute whole store tour. We crossed the necessary items off of our lists and tucked ourselves back into my truck.

Too tired to argue about who gets the front seat, my kids discussed, with animation, the music choice for the ride home. CDs and radio presets were flying. I, of course, had no vote.

Avril's Skater Boy, G105, Jimmy's Chicken Shack, 102JAMZ, and even Bruce all got one spin and out.

Laughing, my older daughter turned to me and said, "Dad, hand me your scratchy Nirvana." And that most unlikely of all troubadours, Kurt Cobain, serenaded our crowded trip from town.

"Come as you are, as you were ... as a friend." And there we were. On our way home.

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