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March 4


Prince vs. Michael

Local 506--Rematch! Local veteran spinners McQueen and BroRabb present a battle royale in the funk, pop and freaky heavyweight division. In this corner, wearing a purple waistcoat and 5 o'clock shadow, weighing a taut 135 pounds (137 with the high heels), from Minneapolis, Minn., Prince! And in this corner, wearing the Sgt. Peppers uniform jacket and sunglasses, displaying off the wall dance moves, from Gary, Ind., Michael Jackson! Get down at 10 p.m. for $5.--Chris Toenes

Three Year Anniversary

Nightlight--It takes a passel of true believers, like the tight-knit collective orbiting left-of-center performance space Nightlight, now celebrating three years of noise, nihilism and general nomadic behavior. A perfect example of the Nightlight vibe, old faves Extreme Animals employ electronic collage, loudly-hued costumes and a dry wit. Like-minded noiseniks Haunted House and Team Unity also join the party. Hedonism lives after three years of dancing, improv and challenging the Triangle's sense of hearing. Noise blasts at 10 p.m. for $5. --Chris Toenes

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