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Saturday, June 17



Darnell Arnoult

McIntyre's Fine Books--The voices tell Gracie Hollaman to "draw the body of Jesus," and so she does, leaving life-sized portraits of the Son of Man on the walls of her house before wandering off and leaving her husband and children behind. Darnell Arnoult's novel Sufficient Grace tells the story of Gracie and the family that finds and tries to save her. This Southern tale of madness and spirituality has garnered praise from Lee Smith and Clyde Edgerton. Come hear Arnoult read today at 11 a.m., or Thursday at Durham's Regulator Bookshop at 7 p.m. --Fiona Morgan

Chapel Hill

Leadfoot, Snatches of Pink, Can Joann

Local 506--A gloriously amped return for Local 506's series of free rock shows, this trifecta puts three very different rock bands on one bill and lets them have at it. Can Joann jangles and snags, razor-filed pop hooks driven by calculated guitars and carefree vocals that recall Modest Mouse as much as The Smiths. Leadfoot mauls crowds with a fleet-of-finger hard rock roar, frontman Karl Agell finding comfort only in making the crowd uncomfortable. He'll get in the front row's face and preach the demons out (or in). Snatches of Pink puts the crust of reality on somewhat glammed-up jams, somehow simultaneously rangy and free, tight and nervous, Iggy down South. Be there at 10 p.m. --Grayson Currin

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