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Saturday 8.30

  • Filthybird

Filthybird, The Proclivities, More
Cat's Cradle—Tonight's four-band bill continues Cat's Cradle's free The Club is Open series, an attempt to swing the doors wide and invite those in who may overlook local music treasures. Strangely, then, this particular iteration seems less a welcome-to-school gig and more a relaxed, end-of-summer exit for townies. It's not a high-gear party; rather, it's a highly recommended mellow comedown, all classic Southern cool: These four bands—The Pneurotics, Puritan Rodeo, The Proclivities and Greensboro's resplendent Filthybird—start with the songs, pure and simple, gracing them by varying degrees of pop allure, jazz complexity, country ease and rock grit. The winking romantic Matt Douglas leads Raleigh's The Proclivities, a dexterous unit that mines local jazz circles to paint its hooks ornately. Renee Mendoza fronts Filthybird with a voice that recalls Cat Power's Chan Marshall for its warm and tender charm. The band lays back nicely, shaping deep pockets for her saturating tone. Pay nothing at 9 p.m. —Grayson Currin

Durham Bulls vs. Charlotte Knights
Durham Bulls Athletic Park—Today's 7:05 p.m. start is your last chance to see the Bulls in regular season play. Although the club is in first place in its four-team South Division of the International League, the Bulls are limping to the finish. The team's record is only the fifth-best in the league, and the Bulls are the only team above .500 in their division. At this writing, it's virtually assured the Bulls will make the playoffs, but you should catch them by tonight's game against the third-place Knights: Playoffs or no playoffs, there's an American League pennant to win in Tampa Bay, and it's possible that several Bulls will be promoted to beef up the Devil Rays roster. For more info and advance tickets, visit —David Fellerath

Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers
Sadlack's—For various reasons, Monty Warren waited almost 20 years to start his music career. But when go time hit, he was already at full speed, with music that seems hellbent on genuflecting before Chuck Berry, outdrinking Keith Richards, and dissecting head and heart with the skewed precision of Paul Westerberg. The show starts at 7 p.m. No cover, so buy his new Trailer Park Angel. —Rick Cornell

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