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Saturday 4.05


Sexual Perversity in Chicago
Common Ground Theatre—This one-act play by David Mamet has seen many faces over the years, first as a production of Chicago's Organic Theatre in the late 1970s, then as the Hollywood film About Last Night... in the 1980s, and returning to its theatrical roots as a West End production starring Matthew Perry and Minnie Driver in the new millennium. But despite changing hands and decades, this play holds steady with its edgy look at sexual promiscuity and gender politics. Tonight's showing is paired with an additional piece by Mamet, The Duck Variations, an odd but moving ode to friendship, age and death told through the lives of ducks. Catch Ghost & Spice Productions' take on Mamet's musings on promiscuity and procreation (of ducks, of course) at 8 p.m. tonight. Through April 19. Visit for info. —Kathy Justice

Art Walk
Downtown Durham—At this two-day, citywide celebration, local tastes, sights and sounds from the creative minds of Durham's cooks, artists and musicians fill the streets of this self-guided tour of galleries, studios and businesses.

Some spectacular events this year include Saturday's music, dance and spoken word showcase at the CCB plaza featuring Jubal Jubilee, young indie-upstarts Girls Rock N.C., and Eclipse Productions' modern ballet. And be sure to check out the newly opened Paragraph Project and Trinity Design/Build for an exhibit of mural designs submitted by Durham's School of the Arts students. See Ami Vitale's work at Through This Lens gallery, and experience the gorgeous traditions of cloth-cutting and sewing on display at the Hayti Center's exhibit of quilts from the African-American Quilt Circle.

With more than 27 artists in just three blocks, there is sure to be a little art for everyone. Today's events start at 10 a.m. and go until 5 p.m. Maps are available at the Durham Arts Council. See for more info. —Kathy Justice

Curtains of Night, Monsonia
Slim's—Curtains of Night is a local guitar and drums duo, but it's not camped out under the far-flung influence of the Flat Duo Jets. It's primitive, to be sure, but the Chapel Hill group's roar is delivered over thick, bottom-feeder thuds, heavily indebted to the Northwest sludge outfits of the '90s and the related roar of Chicago. Big on aggression and thunder, Curtains is certainly more concerned with flexing their sound instead of making it, to use a tired studio term, "warmer." Also capable of serious loud crunch, Monsonia splits the bill. Pay $3 at 10 p.m. —Chris Toenes


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