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Screen: Special Showings

Samurai Monday: Beyond Kurosawa

When: Mon., Sept. 14 2015



SHADOWBOX STUDIO—Among filmmakers who frequently appear in great directors' lists of influences, Akira Kurosawa is right up there with Kubrick and Fellini. The Japanese director is so famed for his samurai films and other tales of feudal Japan, including Seven Samurai and Yojimbo, that you would think he'd monopolized the genre. But a three-part movie series at Durham's Shadowbox Studio, curated by local musician and samurai fan Neven J. Carswell, aims to fill in the borderlands of Kurosawa's fiefdom. The series grew out of a Monday-night samurai-flick tradition Carswell had with a friend, the musician and producer Jerry Kee. The first screening, on Sept. 14, is 1962's The Tale of Zatoichi, the debut film in Kenji Misumi's saga of the sword-wielding blind masseur. The series continues with a selection from the 1960s Sleepy Eyes of Death series (Oct. 12) and the first adaptation of the famous manga Lone Wolf and Cub (Nov. 9). It's all the ronin and yakuza you can shake a katana at—a great chance to learn or indulge with other enthusiasts. 7:30 p.m., free, 900 E. Club Blvd., Durham, —Brian Howe

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