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Rosemary's Baby

When: Sat., Oct. 30 2010

Regardless of what you think of director Roman Polanski as a human being—seriously, how is he not in prison?—the man has still crafted some brilliant films. And one of his best remains this 1968 adaptation of Ira Levin's novel about a young woman (Mia Farrow) who moves into a lovely old apartment building and soon finds herself expecting a baby with her husband (John Cassavetes). As we know, she finds this is not exactly a blessed event. The atmosphere of creeping dread and building suspense is nicely balanced by the utterly ordinary setting and the darkly comic details (you'll never look at a Japanese tourist the same way again), leading to an ending that's horrifying, hilarious and heart-rending. And aside from Farrow's performance, there's also an Oscar-winning supporting turn from Ruth Gordon as the way-too-helpful neighbor. Sit back, pour yourself some Tanis root (or is it Lipton's?) tea and enjoy this free screening, introduced by Shayne Legassie, director of undergraduate studies in comparative literature at UNC-CH. The 9 p.m. screening is part of UniVarsity's Polanski retrospective. —Zack Smith

Price: Free

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