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Ron Sanyal

U.S. Rep. District 13


Name as it appears on the ballot: Ron Sanyal
Campaign Website:
Phone number: 919-781-6180
Years lived in the district: 39 Years

1. In your view, what are the three most pressing issues the United States faces? If elected, what would you do to address these issues?

Response: Jobs, Education, Equality/Justice for all
Create jobs by encouraging entrepreneurship. Technical skills/training should be easily accessible to students from local Industries . Promote Internship, Community Mentoring program working with local chamber of commerce,
Provide Quality Public Education by Paying Teachers Competitive Salary . Invest in Teachers. Encourage Teachers to aspire for higher education. State should reimburse them. Opportunity for each kids that want to go to County Colleges & State Universities. The tuition fee should be affordable & scholarship available to underprivileged kids.
Income Equality— Equal pay for men & women for same job description. Increase minimum wage to $15.
Sun Rises Equally for All — Promote diversity, mutual respect, tolerance. Stop School to Prison Pipeline (Private Prison for Profit). Encourage Community Policing. The culture of abuse to minorities, racial profiling needs to end. Training in cultural diversity for law enforcement officer. Mutual respect between Police & the community through face to face periodic meetings. Punishment has to fit the crime. There has to be commonsense balance. No citizen has to die from a simple traffic violation. Justice system needs to be fair to all citizens regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender & economic backgrounds.

2. Name three members of Congress, past or present, whom you look up to as role models. Explain why you have picked these three.

Response: Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Congressman David Price & Congressman Bob Etheridge.
Congressman G.K. Butterfield— Knowledge of African American History of struggle & survival in USA from Slavery to celebrating success of African American in politics , education, Judicial, poetry, music & sports. He has been inspiration to all of us in North Carolina.
Congressman David Price— He has been a good leader in supporting President Obama in Affordable Health Care & other legislations . He is honest & easily accessible to his constituents.
Congressman Bob Etheridge: I like his honesty. He is proponent of Education for all. Always helpful to Childrens. He collected Christmas toys for distribution to underprivileged kids. He cares for all citizens.

3. If you are challenging an incumbent, what decisions has the incumbent made that you most disagree with? If you are an incumbent, what in your voting record and experience do you believe entitles you to another term? For both challengers and incumbents: In what ways would your election benefit the citizens of North Carolina?

Response: In July of 2013 Holding voted for HR 2642 which would have eliminated SNAP (Food Stamps) had it become law. George voted to repeal Obamacare. In September Representative

Holding voted against House Joint Resolution 59 which brought about the government shutdown. That Ted Cruz led move ended up costing the government $24 billion. That’s a lot of wasted money; literally by George Holding

Holding voted for HR 2275 which called for the United States to default on its debt obligations for the first time in history.
Holding voted for HR 2275 which called for the United States to default on its debt obligations for the first time in history.

I am a dedicated community worker, philanthropist and organizer who is more than able to find common-sense solutions to real problems. I have decided to run for the US House of Representatives NCD-13 because I believe I can help move the
entire state forward.

4. Candidates running for president this year have proposed wildly divergent tax plans. Both leading Democrats have proposed raising taxes on the wealthy, whereas some Republicans argue that we should do away with the graduated income tax altogether. What do you believe should be done about taxes? Are there any current proposals that you would support in Congress?

Response: We need to have a fair Tax system. Every Citizen have to pay Taxes proportionately according to their income bracket. Current Tax system is not fair & favors the the Tax loopholes for the rich & wealthy Citizens. Rich people are not paying their fair share in tax obligation. Ex: Rich 1% pay lower taxes than their Secretaries. We need a major overhaul of IRS Tax codes & tax Offshore accounts hidden in Cayman Islands & other Tax haven Countries. No I don’t support any current proposal in Congress.

5. Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act has been polarizing, to say the least. Republicans have called for it to be repealed “root and branch,” but have not necessarily reached consensus on what a replacement would look like. Democrats, meanwhile, have been supportive of the ACA, and some, especially Sen. Bernie Sanders, have proposed moving to a Medicare-for-all system. What do you think should be done about health care in the United States? If you support repealing Obamacare, how would you propose structuring and funding its replacement? Do you support or oppose moving toward a single-payer system? Why or why not?

Response: I support especially Sen. Bernie Sanders proposal of moving to a Medicare-for-all system

6. In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, some politicians and pundits have called for blocking Syrian refugees from entering the United States. In December, presidential frontrunner Donald Trump proposed banning all Muslim travel to the United States. Do you support these calls to limit access to either Syrian refugees or Muslims generally? If so, are you worried that such a position may, as Democrats have claimed, play into the Islamic State’s portrayal of America as anti-Islam? If not, do you support any additional vetting processes for the refugees and Muslim travelers coming to this country, or do you believe the safeguards already in place are adequate?

Response: America welcomes all refugees including Syrian refugees. State Department has an excellent vetting process in place, However, no system is perfect. However, I believe & have faith in vetting process.

7. On a similar subject, concerns about terrorism and related unrest in the Middle East have been at the forefront lately. Do you believe the United States is doing enough to counter the threat posed by ISIS and other militant groups? Do you support President Obama’s call for a resolution authorizing the use of force against ISIS? Why or why not?

Response: YES! I support President Obama’s call for a resolution authorizing the use of force against ISIS? We need to neutralize ISIS before the cause any more harm/destruction.

8. In terms of foreign policy, what do you believe are the best three things the Obama administration has done over the past seven years? What do you believe are the three biggest shortcomings or failures? What steps do you believe Congress should take with regard to these shortcomings or failures?

Response: USA & CUBA Diplomatic Relations, Iran Nuclear Deal & Recognizing India as an ally in business & peace in the Indian sub continent

9. Do you consider the Iran nuclear deal a success or failure? Explain why. Do you support engagement with the Iranian regime, or do you believe that the regime’s human rights record

Response: The Iran nuclear deal is a successful engagement with Iranian Regime. Excellent idea of communication & making peace. Human rights record can improve in Iran.

10. Similarly, do you believe the Obama administration’s engagement with Cuba is prudent? Why or why not?

Response: Yes ! Absolutely! Isolating a neighboring Country makes no sense. It will help both our economy as a trade partner. Tourism Industry will blossom.

11. One area where there seems to be an emerging bipartisan consensus related to criminal-justice reform, specifically as it relates to nonviolent drug offenses. How would you propose reforming drug policy? Do you believe marijuana should be either decriminalized or legalized under federal law? Do you believe the federal government should intervene where states have relaxed marijuana prohibitions contrary to federal law?

Response: We are wasting Tax Payer money & resources specifically as it relates to nonviolent drug offenses. I am in support of Medical Marijuana that has lot of therapeutic values. Specially in case of Pain relief, Glaucoma. It has proven & effective therapeutic effects and should be up to the State to regulate the intend use.
Colorado State is a good case study for the future.

12. The recently negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership has been criticized by some corners of both the right and left, though Congress did vote last year to grant the president “fast-track” authority. Congress is expected to vote on the TPP sometime this year. In general, do you support or oppose the TPP? Why or why not? Do you believe that it does enough to protect American workers?

Response: No! I don’t support Trans-Pacific Partnership. Not a fair trade. It will hurt the American work force.

13. What do you believe is driving the polarization of and rancor in American politics? Is there anything you believe Congress can do about it? In what areas do you believe you could reach a compromise with members of the opposite political party?

Response: The Republican Tea Party movement has polarized America. Lot of Racist philosophy is being promoted. Hatred is not an unifying factor. We need more tolerance of diversity, religion & ethnic background. At the end of the healthy debate, we are all Americans & the political parties are more than able to find common-sense solutions to real problems. Compromise is the name of the game in an artful & skilled negotiation.

14. Identify and explain one principled stand you would be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

Response: Support women's health care through Planned Parenthood

15. The Citizens United decision has been criticized by the left for opening up the floodgates for special interests to influence political leaders. Do you believe Congress can or should make any changes to campaign-finance law?

Response: Absolutely! Election should not be bought with money but by only by Ballots. Supreme Court did not make a sound decision. Congress should have the courage under fire & overturn Citizens United decision.

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