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Rodan! The Flying Monster


What does sculptor Auguste Rodin (pronounced Ro-dahn, if you aren't up on your French) have in common with Rodan (pronounced like it's spelled), the giant pterodactyl? The N.C. Museum of Art's exhibit of the artist's work has given the Triangle an excuse to milk every possible connection to the exhibit, no matter how weak that link might be. However, Rodan! The Flying Monster is hardly what one would classify as weak. The 1954 kitschy-classic film is the work of Toho Studio's Ishiro Honda, the guy responsible for just about all of the important giant Japanese monster flicks, including the original Godzilla, and more recent fare, like Rhapsody in August. The story is frankly of little importance--suffice it to say, Rodan loves to stomp on Japanese cities. If you're like many folks who prefer good, ol' scale models and guys in rubber jumpsuit costumes to computer animation, Rodan is a visual treat--the first of the monster series shot in color, no less. Festival host, the A/V Geeks, will show strategically edited film clips after the Rodan screening in an attempt to draw more parallels between Rodin and Rodan and the N.C. Museum of Natural Science's Natural Horror Picture Show series. Festival Rodan takes place at the new natural science museum Friday, June 2--a perfect complement to a night of First Friday activities in downtown Raleigh. See "Special Showings" for details.

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