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When: Fri., July 19, 7 p.m. 2013

Back before y'all had The Hunger Games and attendant YA dystopian SF romances and whatnot, we middle-schoolers and teenagers had to make do with whatever Orwellian futures/alternate realities we could find. Two of the best examples of dystopia in cinema are upon us at this Retrofantasma double feature. First is the director's cut of Terry Gilliam's great Brazil, a retro-styled fascist bureaucracy so offbeat that the studio was reluctant to release it until Gilliam shamed them through an ad in Variety and secret screenings for critics. It's an alternately nightmarish and hilarious cinematic spectacular with visuals that will linger for years. It's followed by George Lucas' first feature, THX-1138, expanded from an early student film, featuring a head-shaved Robert Duvall as a resident of a repressed underground future who discovers that sex is awesome and foil-faced robot cops are bad once he stops taking his state-prescribed meds. In some ways a time capsule of 1960s-era fears, it has some visually intriguing elements and an unsettling tone. Enjoy these two dystopian flicks, then remember to show up for Moral Mondays if you don't want them to come true. Come on, y'all knew we were going to get to that eventually. —Zack Smith

Price: $9

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