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Retrofantasma Classic with Them! and The Giant Gila Monster

When: Fri., Aug. 6 2010

The laws of physics always screw everything up. For instance, take the square-cube law, which says that when you square the size of an object, you proportionately increase its volume, which is a complicated way of saying that a giant ant would be unable to stand on its own power. Which is a shame, because giant ants are scary. Don't believe us? Retrofantasma Classic can prove it with one of the all-time great monster movies, 1954's Them!, a chiller so good, initial efforts to film it in color and 3-D were scrapped. Tight and suspenseful, it pits James Whitmore against a force that has razed a desert town. (It also supplied Van Morrison with the name of his early band, which recorded "Gloria.") You will believe giant ants can be scary. Oh yes.

Less scary but unintentionally hilarious is 1959's The Giant Gila Monster, the second half of this double feature, where a ... well, see, the title character threatens the world, rendered through footage of a live-action Gila monster roaming around some model sets. A favorite of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crowd, The Giant Gila Monster is in the public domain and may be seen for free on Hulu or Google Videos. But the big screen is so much better.

The physics-defying double feature starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are just $8 for the whole shebang. —Zack Smith

Price: $8

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